the good return on investment of CES participants in Las Vegas

Twenty-four Aquitaine companies are participating until January 8, 2023 at CES in Las Vegas, the annual consumer technology show with innovative products or software. Bosses who have tried the experience do not regret investing in travel for their development.

It’s here global high mass of technological innovation in electronics: the CES (consumer electronics show) opened its doors on Thursday January 5 in Las Vegas and should receive more than 100,000 visitors after the Covid period.

This year again, 24 companies from New Aquitaine are taking part under the banner of the Region, including 18 based in Aquitaine. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is also the second region in terms of innovation. While some companies have increased trips to Nevada in recent years, two-thirds are going there for the first time and are financing most of the trip. Stand price, plane tickets, accommodation, the cost quickly exceeds 10,000 euros. This year, there are nine companies from Gironde, three from Pyrénées-Atlantiques, one from Landes and one from Dordogne among the exhibitors.

This is the case of Flovea, a plumbing company for professionals, based in Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, which has successfully entered “green tech”, green and ecological technology. The company is participating in the US trade fair for the sixth time.
Eight years ago, its founder, Thierry Mignot developed the “predictive flowbox”, a connected solution that allows real-time management and monitoring of a building’s water network through a dedicated application. “We can turn off the water remotely in case of a leak, or try to predict the leak thanks to artificial intelligence” explained the leader, a former plumber who sent three employees to CES this month.

Because the company of 50 people is in full development with the launch of a subsidiary in Dubai, a region where water management is closely watched. “We want to deploy to the United States” added Thierry Mignot. “Our solution sells well in France and is of interest to Americans. It is a difficult and demanding market, but we are interested in distributors. We have already won a prize in 2019 at CES. It will still give us the opportunity to see and take the global temperature.”
If the boss admits to only getting “little feedback” on the first engagement, the persistence and work paid off. “We had encouragement from our peers to continue with our projects”.

Seven companies also come there as guests only. This is the case of Goupil, in Lot-et-Garonne, which specializes in the construction of electric utility vehicles for the collection of baskets or containers, for the maintenance of parks and gardens. They made a commitment in 2022. Thursday, January 5, in Las Vegas, the electric cars of tomorrow will be the attraction.

“We discover and meet suppliers with high added value (batteries, screens, active safety systems) because this show is the perfect opportunity to observe the main trends in the mobility industry (choices in technology, design, ergonomics)”, explained from Las Vegas, Philippe Hugue, commercial director.

“Yesterday we listened to a speech by Carlos Tavarès, CEO of Stellantis (ex PSA). It was very instructive on customer expectations”, said the director who is already working on future models to be released in 2026. 75% of the 3,000 vehicles produced each year are sold for export, mainly to Europe.

Rethinking mobility for travel is also the goal of VUF BIKES (33) or Buttairfly (33) for the city, clean sea travel with Aqualines (64), or even to change the transport of loads at work with the Flying Whales (33) at CES.

Other companies are working on the factory of the future in the production of industrial components (Lynxter -64-), the smart city of tomorrow or promoting technology in the service of people (Orthonose or Satelia -33-).

According to Jérôme Leleu, former Bordeaux participant of the show in 2017, former director of French Tech in Bordeaux, CES is a great opportunity.

A lot of preparation lies ahead. And it is very useful to go there for a product launch. It is to live at least once!

Jérôme Leleu, director of Simforhealth

web writing france 3 Aquitaine

He himself had a great impact on his business. “SimforHealth was recognized at CES as one of the 4 e-health innovations with giants like Phillips. It earned us many reports. It changed everything!”, se recalls the boss of Interaction Healthcare and Simforhealth, two e-health companies, more specifically the training of health professionals.

However, the director has since enjoyed doing other, more specialized shows as CES remains a generalist. At the beginning of 2021, a survey was launched among 92 companies that participated at least once at CES with the delegation of New Aquitaine since 2017. Half responded and the findings were clear: 75% of them estimated their return on positive investment , although very positive.

Again by Region, 104 innovative companies have collectively acquired 275 new customers and generated 4 million euros in turnover over the past six years. CES, created in 1967, therefore seems to remain a winning operation.

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