When role-playing lets you play mom and dad again

“For his birthday, he wanted a C21. Instead, I offered him a d20! A what instead of a what? The C21 is a relatively inexpensive smartphone popular among teenagers. The d20 is a 20-sided die, emblematic of role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. The author of the bon mot is a 49-year-old mother, Bérengère. This d20, he offered it to his daughter, Cléo, for her 14th birthday. A way of telling him: ok, let’s go, we start role-playing. “We” ? Yes, like Cléo and Bérengère, more and more parents and children are playing together, which has become a trend along with fantasy in recent years. Publishers support the movement by publishing initiation kits for their games, more accessible formulas, with simplified and attractive rules. If this is the initiation box of Dungeons and Dragons, Dragons of Storm Islandthe incomparable Forgotten Chronicles rejected in different universes, or dozens of other such recent role-playing game universes The legendary ones

“When I was a teenager, my brother played board games with his friends and it always intrigued me, fascinated me, said Bérengère. But I felt that as a woman I was not will be accepted, so I forgot. When I heard Cléo whispering in front of the videos ofcurrent playof the show Role’n’Play, these repressed memories emerge. »

Role-playing (video) games

Like Cléo, thousands of role-playing young fans follow these games, which are filmed and broadcast, sometimes live, on various social networks. Halfway between improvisational theater and a board game, these videos are also symbolic of a world that has opened up to the virtual. In confinement, millions of gamers around the world have chosen to satisfy their passion through online games, made possible by various platforms.

The success of his program Role’n Play encouraged the publisher that Black Book released a dedicated role-playing game, and its essential Initiation Kit… It must be said that Black Book is the specialist in formats aimed at young players thanks to its game, Forgotten Chronicleswhose success has even led hypermarket chains to stock it on their shelves…

Léo was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by his father, Guillaume, and now excels in role-playing games with his friends – B. Chapon / 20 Minutes

Leo, 11 years old, very young MJ (master of the game) of Dungeons and Dragons must therefore Forgotten Chronicles to attract three players to his table with his friends. “Some played it, others only heard about it. In any case, it became quite fashionable to do fake role-playing in the school yard, to invent characters. When I wanted to do something real, I knew a little bit of everything. Lisa, 8, is “done” Forgotten Chronicles, when he had just entered CE1… “I did the whole campaign with two girlfriends and two boyfriends. My father made us play. At recess, we always talked about that, about our adventures, the other students were jealous of the misunderstanding. And in January, after Christmas, they all asked for a gift, it became a big trend. Everyone is talking about his personality. »

Dungeons and plows

Leo and Lisa have in common that their fathers accompanied them on their first steps into gaming. if Forgotten Chronicles is thoughtful and charming for children to play with themselves, Bruno, 46, loves to play with Lisa. “I have a 16-year-old son who I put off playing by pushing him too much. My passion, my universe and I want him to know that but I’m not smart. With Lisa, I want to take it easy, so that it’s really a thing between her and her friends. But to start the engine, I have to be there. »

Guillaume also played some parts of Warhammer with Leo before leaving him (almost) to fend for himself. “I just want to give him what I didn’t have at his age: financial and logistical support, and referrals. I threw it away Dungeons and Dragons with an initiation kit that saves character creation time and offers a great first quest. But above all, it’s a game with depth, a whole universe, a solid game system. That way, if he likes it and wants to continue, he’ll have the material. A lot of material…”

The masters of youth

Through the many testimonies collected by 20 minutes According to a previous article on role-playing games, many parents use this practice to maintain a consensual relationship with their children. As far as “mastering” his son? “Cléo wants to be the master of the game at all costs and I’m fine with that,” said Bérengère. He read all the rules, he designed his campaign, he recruited the other players. Only teenagers… But I immediately felt at ease. It was agreed that I would only stay for a few games. He made my character go away in a very beautiful, very elegant way, without killing him. I almost cried, it was a beautiful moment between us. »

Visuals of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game initiation box
Visuals of Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Box – Wizards of the Coast

Bruno also decided that the rest of his son’s adventure would happen without him. “Now he has everything, the books, the dice, the cultural background that his mother and I give him. I’m here if he needs advice. But that’s all. That’s where he wants to play Cats! The disguise, a game where you play spy cats. He prefers investigating to adventuring with elves and dwarves… I gave it to him and read it too. I hope he will tell me about their parts. »

Roll Parental Pride

Bérengère was also pleased that she understood her son’s universe better through the parts of Role’n Play they shared: “I’m amazed at the place of humor in these parts. We laugh a lot even when there’s tension. I used to think of gaming as something very serious, very intense. Now I feel armed to convince my friends to play .Maybe in Dungeons and Dragonsbecause they saw it in Stranger Things… »

Guillaume also hopes to follow in Leo’s footsteps and set up a role-playing table on his side. “I attended their game, it was a mess. And at one point, Léo began to improvise and there, silence fell. It was a beautiful moment. Leo went off script, and explained how he got back on his feet: “The players were attacked by a manticore but they tried to tame it. And it actually made sense that it would work, even though I didn’t plan it. Now they’re friends with a manticore. » Guillaume grinned: « Nonsense! But you still want to be friends with a manticore?

Visuals of the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game initiation box
Visuals of Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Box – Wizards of the Coast

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