6 books to get to know Arbois better, the city of Louis Pasteur, city of Jura wines

Alice Chazerand, from Le Hamac bookstore, in Arbois. (© Voice of the Jura)

Where more surely to find books on Arbois than on Arbois itself, at The Hammock bookstorewith shelves upon its shelves dense and varied enough to cover all styles.

Alice Chaserand, an enthusiastic bookseller, enthusiastically took part in the exercise. It offers 6 books that offer another look at the city of Pasteur and wine, while highlighting important local heritage items.

Arbois with bright vineyards (Mêta Jura)

After starting his trilogy in the cities of Revermont’s character by Salins-les-Bains, the Lédonian publisher Mêta Jura continued in Poligny. Then came the turn of Arbois in this last part which in 64 pages and 201 pictures revolves around the city.

Geology, archaeology, biology, history, architecture, art: all aspects that highlight the town are detailed in more 40 authorsall volunteers.

“A book that is not only aimed at tourists, but also at locals or those who have left the region. It’s done a lot by the locals.”

Alice ChaserandBookseller in Arbois.

Pierre’s Word (Meta Jura)

Still in Mêta Jura, “La Parole de Pierre” is a book of 14 interviews with Pierre Overnoy, winemaker in Pupillin. The winegrower is one of the precursors of natural wine. These discussions are organized by themes with images. The last shows in the specific territory of Pupillin, the work of the vine.

Pierre Overnoy yielding topics as varied as the Occupation, the Algerian war, local anecdotes, viticulture, winemaking.

“We did not realize the impact of Pierre Overnoy abroad, even in the United States”.

Alice Chaserand

In 2018, this book was first published in 2011, republished 4 times since then, translated into Japanese, a sign of its success.

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Louis Pasteur, a life in the service of Life (Sékoya)

Besançon publisher Sékoya published it biographical comics retraces the main stages in the life of Louis Pasteur, from his youth in Jura to his national funeral. His great discoveries are discussed of course: stereochemistry, pasteurization, the saving of the silk industry, the rabies vaccine, in particular.

Maxime Schwartz of the Academy of Sciences wrote the preface and texts ofEric Orsenna introduce each chapter. Member of the French Academy, Erik Orsenna has already written about Pasteur by publishing a biography with Fayard editions in 2015, “La Vie, la Mort, la Vie”.

“It’s an accessible comic, with a bit of contextualization in each chapter. The drawing is both classic and vibrant.

Alice Chaserand

The Events, sequel to Isabel Ascencio

First published by Verticales, the author of Arboisian Isabel Ascencio then joined the collection of La Brune in Rouergue where he published “Délit de gosse” in 2019. “Les Events, suite” joined the stalls of the Hamac bookstore in 2022. Literature teacher in Champagnole, Isabel Ascencio “takes on the biases of brave writers” depicting Alice Chazerand.

After the death of her father, Joëlle Leblanc traces the events that, forty years ago, led to the death of one man and the destruction of another. The events themselves have roots in those that, in Algeria, resulted in independence a decade earlier, suggests the publisher.

“All the characters the narrator brings back in flashbacks have a link to Algeria”.

Alice Chaserand

We, youths of the Jura, by Philippe Godard

The Arboisian Philippe Godard is known in the publishing world for being the director of the collection Children from Another Place (La Martinière jeunesse). He is also the author of several documentary writings for young viewers. In the editions of Lons-le-Saunier 2031, he published in 2022 “We, young people from the Jura”.

“He meets 5 young people from Belfort, Vesoul, Arbois, Frasnes and Besançon, who talk about their concerns. Their confidences are mixed with small pieces of history to show where these children live. A drawing-portrait, followed by testimony, with local extras also in the wines of Arbois, Biou, shows both the region and the concerns of young people”.

Alice Chaserand

Making Peace, by Philippe Godard

Philippe Godard also published “Faire la paix” with editions of Saltimbaque, illustrated by Barroux, which details “all ways to have peace, in all directions, with oneself, with others, etc. A book I really like »concluded Alice Chazerand.

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