A day/a book with thrillers, intimacy, novels and attacks on November 13

This need and the rejection of others. It is this balance that we cannot find. Or like a fleeting illusion. This is what François d’Épenoux narrated in his books. These characters constantly rise and fall. Which didn’t really hit, but didn’t reach the top either. Which fell while we were walking. Just to move forward.

Here, a missing father. Sweet pleonasm. Lost in front of this son lost to live another life. In the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Lost in front of a son who rejects his father’s education, but also everything he represents, an entire generation. Lost and therefore aggressive. Until the bridges are cut. And then, life continues its cycle. Take away assurances from those who think they have them. The antagonists are driven to find each other. It is when we are stripped of everything that we realize our faults.

On your pages, prepare, read! With Karsten Dusse, Cyril Nghiem, Paul Cleave, Anthony Lee or even Fifou and his Archives

And in the end, nothing is resolved. The problems just moved. But we have made progress. This is what François d’Épenoux recounts, book after book, with the gentleness of those who know that struggle is useless.

The barefoot king, by François d’Épenoux, ed. Anne Carrière, 240 pages, €19

Delphine Olberg is a tank. Raised by a policeman father whom he admired, he embodied military rigor and discipline down to his bones. His dream? Join GIGN. Enough can be said about this itinerary of a wife and mother, supported by a wife turned housewife. But Clémentine Dabadie had to taste her story and still found a lack of spice. So he put a pinch of secrets in it. Big secret. And, guess what, it doesn’t lighten up.

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A story between an intimate novel and a thriller, which we sometimes read breathlessly, sometimes in apnea. Clémentine Dabadie – daughter of -, producer, will wait almost 60 years to release her first book. It’s worth it. Now we need more.

dog, by Clémentine Dabadie, ed. Gallimard, 304 pages, €20

Output in the pocket of Number two, by David Foenkinos. The opportunity, if you missed it, to jump into this novel. But beware, if you’re still into Christmas movies, the reality check can be brutal.

Foenkinos thinks about the story of Martin Hill. An introverted boy who didn’t ask anyone, but who a headhunter would see for a casting. Success, Martin found himself in the final. Only he and a certain Daniel were left for the main role. what movie ? The adaptation of the novel everyone is talking about. A definite Harry Potter. But Martin, fall at the last step. He will not recover. The success of Harry Potter is shown everywhere. For years, his failure haunted him the moment he left home. Potter Mania is a curse. How to live a life on Earth if we pass so close to Heaven?

A Day / A book and a few pages to turn over the Christmas holidays with Les Dames de Marlow, Boum Boum Boum, Debout dans la rivière

It is cruel and unfair. The pain of what can happen. The agony of “what if…”. Irreparable because there is none. Like Pete Best, the Beatles drummer was fired in 1962, in the glow of success, to attempt suicide before becoming a baker…

Number two, by David Foenkinos, ed. Folio, 272 pages, €8.70

It’s a hefty 128 pages. Very heavy. A direct testimony from a Bataclan survivor. With great modesty, as always in this kind of confessions, as in heavy ones draw again to Coco.

We live in moments of carelessness before tragedy. Done with the length of the reconstruction. It hurts. Physically, of course. Psychologically, of course, but also in the face of the almost inhuman coldness and awkwardness of the administration.

And the attacks? We revisit it, in snippets, in flashbacks. Certainly they still rise in the minds of the victims, years later. It is enough for the reader and unbearable for the survivors. Long after you put the comic down, you’ll be thinking about this look. That of this young man who stares at Sophie throughout the murder and smiles at her when the terrorists leave the room. And then, for no reason, someone came back and shot him. A bullet to the head, point-blank, while smiling at Sophie.

Simon Anthony

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