Brooklyn 99: why Chelsea Peretti’s Gina left the show

Chelsea Peretti played Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine for several seasons before she was abruptly fired from the show. Here’s why Gina left Brooklyn 99. As an original cast member, Gina served as the civil administrator of the 99th Precinct, known for her outlandish antics, sarcastic remarks, and trying her best not to have to work hard. It came as a huge surprise when it was first announced that Chelsea Peretti would be leaving the show with the character receiving a farewell episode. Viewers of the show had a tumultuous 2018 after Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled by Fox. After an outpouring of support online with high profile celebrities like Lin Manuel-Miranda and Mark Hamill calling for its renewal, NBC stepped in and picked it up for its sixth season. Fans of the show were delighted to learn that the team would be returning only to be hit with more sad news after the season started – Peretti was leaving the show.

Peretti was a regular on Brooklyn Nine-Nine from Season 1 to Season 6, Episode 4 – titled “Four Movements” which served as his farewell exit. He returned to the series in the finale of the same year (“Return of the King”) as a guest star, as well as several other times. Narratively, Gina decides it’s time to leave the Brooklyn 99 neighborhood, realizing that her talents can be better used elsewhere, such as becoming an online celebrity. While the rest of the gang is sad to see him go, they support his choice and happily send him away. However, why did Gina leave Brooklyn 99, especially since she was one of the unique characters that made the show so much more fun to watch?

The reason why Chelsea Peretti’s Gina left Nine-Nine

According to the actress, why Gina left Brooklyn 99 was not entirely her decision. However, he refused to go into details about what happened behind the scenes regarding his departure, so it’s unclear if the show is looking to write him out or if he’s looking to exit. For some reason, it was the perfect time to move on, so they did. Peretti also pointed out that he is close friends with Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Dan Goor, as well as co-star and producer Andy Samberg, adding that the split was somewhat mutual and amicable.

Between the timing and Peretti’s deliberate refusal to reveal the real reason for his departure from Brooklyn 99, it’s possible that it was a decision made by people above his pay grade. As he noted in his lengthy interview for his farewell episode, he was a “modest actor…not much status.” Given the show’s position at the time, which had just been picked up by a new network after cancellation, NBC probably wanted to cut costs so they could move forward. This forced the sitcom to cut its ensemble cast, and since Chelsea Peretti’s Brooklyn 99 character was the only non-cop character, she left.

When Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired its eighth and final season, the show sought to wrap up many important character arcs and storylines. As part of the elaborate final goodbyes the characters throw at each other (and the show throws at its viewers), Chelsea Peretti reappears as Gina for the two-part finale of Season 8. While the precinct is begins another elaborate Halloween heist, Gina is brought in as part of the plans and becomes part of the entire celebration. A final scene at the end shows that although many of the characters have left Nine-Nine, they manage to regroup for an annual Halloween heist with Terry, Jake, Amy, Holt and of course the character Chelsea Peretti Brooklyn . 99. se.

Will Brooklyn Nine-Nine be back?

With or without Gina, the end of Brooklyn 99 after season 8 was a blow to many viewers, although it was also a logical move for NBC and the cast, given the increased scrutiny and reduced support. to the police in recent years resulting from the Black Lives Matter Movement. The final season of Brooklyn 99 tried to address this issue and also provided a touching and comprehensive sendoff to all of its main characters.

However, some would like to see the show return in the future, and Terry Crews is one of them. According to Crews, most of the Brooklyn 99 cast is willing to take part in anything from a full Brooklyn 99 movie reboot to an annual Halloween Heist episode (via CinemaBlend). It’s unclear at this time if any of those hopes are likely to come true, but knowing that Crews and others would be interested in a Brooklyn 99 reunion means it’s not out of the question. question

What Chelsea Peretti has done since Brooklyn 99

Chelsea Peretti’s Brooklyn 99 character may have gotten the axe, but the comedian/actress has been doing well since then. Often, Peretti lends his talents to voiceover work. He has worked on popular programs such as American Dad, The Simpsons, as well as Bob’s Burgers. In 2018, after leaving Brooklyn 99, she booked the film Game Night, starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams as Glenda.

In 2021, Peretti joined the cast of Sing 2 as Suki Lane, a talent recognition dog working at Crystal Entertainment. Other than that, the actress tends to keep a low profile. A quick trivia is that she is married to Get Out director and comedian Jordan Peele, and the two have a child. Outside of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peretti is probably best known for her run on the sketch comedy show Kroll Show, where she often played Bobby Bottleservice’s girlfriend.

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