Culture. The year begins with beauty and creativity with the celebration of “Trente Trente”.

“Thirty Thirty”, like thirty minutes maximum for thirty artists! A meeting that brings a new look at the performing arts for its twentieth edition, in Bordeaux from January 12 to February 2, 2023, in collaboration with France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

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The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

After the festivities, it stands out as the first cultural event of the year.

LThe Trente Trente festival offers the curious and lovers of various and varied artistic performances of short hybrid and multidisciplinary forms such as dance, theater, circus or performance, in a format ranging from … thirty seconds to thirty minutes…!

Thirty seconds, thirty minutes but thirty regional, national and international artists and companies to offer multiple and sharp visions of contemporary creation from all horizons, at the crossroads of disciplines.

Where you least expect them.

The twentieth edition, brought to you by Compagnie Les Marches de l’Été́, is no exception to the rule in terms of creativity and originality, offering a program off the beaten path. Focused and experimental, the thirty propositions can boast of boldness, thus seeking to enhance the wealth and unbridled creativity of artists.

The duo Discipline in chaos explains below the object of their raw performance with, just for accessory, a chair, a stick and a costume.

A desire for real action in real time.

And originality also rhymes in some cases with exclusivity because, this year, some proposals will be offered to a very limited number of viewers.

For example, the performance ofEve Magot will be made for a single and unique viewer, thus favoring an intense intimacy all in sensuality or even with Of luxury and impotence, where only four spectators will board the vehicle to attend “the show”.

A good show should be distracting. If it doesn’t disrupt, it means we stick to patterns that are already known or expected. For the viewer and for the artist. At Trente Trente, we promote non-violent unrest.

Jean-Luc Terrade

Artistic director of the Trente Trente festival

Another originality and specificity, the mobility and the itinerancy of the festival that allows to see the different shows on the twelve stages of the Bordeaux metropolis (Lerme Market, the Halle des Chartrons, the CDCN Manufacture, the Modern Garage…) but also in Boulazac in Dordogne and in La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime, in the desire to get away, here again, from the classic patterns of big cities, where “everything happens”.

And for some artists whose performance may allow it, it is completely off stage that they choose to perform for a more intimate setting, allowing themselves to be close to the public.

Another particularity, the short forms of this show invite the viewer to move on the same night, throughout the programming, in the form of a route, which can thus be chained from two to five places to discover others’ different performances by artists.

In addition to the shows, on the occasion of this 20th edition, a focus evening will be devoted to the theme of censorship, including a debate. “Freedom of expression and the new censorship” (organized on January 27 at MECA).

And then, the festival is also intended to be participatory as those who wish are invited to take part in a show that combines an “acrobatically haute-couture” fashion show with performances (Tuesday January 24 at the Vivres de l’Art gallery) .

A 100% dance evening for everyone to participate is also offered in La Rochelle on January 17. And also workshops for the public in Bordeaux, supervised by artists of the program, open to lovers of music, dance, performance. ..

As you understand, for three weeks, this unique event will promote diversity, arouse curiosity, cultivate an open state of mind, encourage and invite the public to discover unusual patterns of multidisciplinary art , with a sense of attending shows that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you want to get an idea first, here are some pictures from the previous edition.

And if you want to know everything about the program for this 20th edition, here it is!

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