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EA Electronics launched at September 2022the opus FIFA 23. This new version of the football simulation game specifically relies on a new engine to offer impressive realism.

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In the list of novelties, there is also Crossplay which makes the game more open. Here are all the details you need to know about this much-loved feature.

Introducing Crossplay in FIFA 23

Crossplay is a feature that allows you to play matches online and with users from other platforms. In fact, FIFA 23 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows. The game is clearly cross-platform, EA Electronics developed a system to overcome technological barriers. This resulted especially in Crossplay.

If this functionality was already tested in FIFA 22, it is in FIFA 23 that its deployment has been a great success. Therefore, Crossplay was one of the biggest arguments of EA Electronics when the game was launched. Obviously, it’s appreciated by players who can interact with a larger community.

Eligible consoles

Crossplay initially allows players from different platforms to compete online. However, exceptions surround the use of the feature. In fact, only platform users of the same generation will benefit from it.

Crossplay is possible between FIFA 23 players on PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and PC. In addition, the feature is also accessible between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console users.

It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch platform does not benefit from Crossplay. Perhaps this is due to an accumulation of incompatibilities between the respective technologies.

How do I enable or disable this feature?

In FIFA 23, activating Crossplay does not require any special maneuvers. In fact, it is automatically activated when the game starts. Therefore, crossplay becomes a default option and it is possible to deactivate it from the screen “Online Settings”.

This screen is located specifically at the FIFA main menu level or through the menus FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL. However, Crossplay may be disabled by default on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In practice, this feature is only supported when the console settings allow it.

Crossplay supported modes

Crossplay experimentation limited the feature to friendly matches in FIFA 22. However, the new version of the game has expanded the option to different modes. In FIFA 23, it is therefore possible to enjoy it in the following modes:

  • FUTChampions,
  • FUT Ultimate Online Draft,
  • FUT Division Rivals (no Co-Op),
  • FUT Online Friendlies (no Co-Op),
  • FUT Play With a Friend,
  • Online Friends,
  • Online Seasons (no Co-op).

Furthermore, the Crossplay Virtual Bundesliga is available exclusively for players based in Germany. On the other hand, Clubs Pro mode does not include Crossplay functionality. However, this situation may change soon. In fact, EA Electronics claims to be studying this possibility.

Crossplay’s success should encourage developers to enable the feature for matchmaking-based modes. Cross-platform play may be available for Pro Clubs or even VOLTA and FUT Co-op modes. However, no specific date has been announced at this time.

Managing the transfer market in Crossplay mode

Since FUT mode is supported by Crossplay, the transfer market has also adapted to the feature. So, this menu now considers groups of platforms. However, PC and Nintendo Switch players retain their specific transfer markets.

In fact, the FUT transfer market is identical across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia. In particular, it allows users to see and interact with items listed from other platforms. For example, Xbox One items are accessible for PlayStation 5 users and vice versa.

Also, PC and Nintendo Switch players maintain their respective transfer markets. Therefore, global lists are not accessible to them. It should be noted that, although Crossplay has been activated in FIFA 23 on PC, its market transfer remains individual.

FUT leaderboards in Crossplay mode

The arrival of Crossplay has also been factored into the various FUT rankings. However, players are allowed two options.

If Crossplay is activated, overall ranking is displayed by default. Therefore, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Satdia players are entitled to a world ranking. In addition, the latter takes into account all platforms. So, global rankings are available for modes Division Rivals, local Rivals and at Club level.

However, players can also consult local rankings that only count data from their platform. In particular, it is possible to switch between two tables if Crossplay is activated. In case of non-activation, only local rankings will be displayed.

In addition, this redesign marked the disappearance of Top 200 Team Battles. In fact, this group only offers one level of rewards.

Access Crossplay from the EA Social menu

In FIFA 23, EA Electronics implemented a social menu for more convenient interconnection between players. It is accessed in particular through a widget available at the main menu level and other game screens.

The EA social menu is intended to connect users. In fact, it allows them to find other players, send and receive invitations, make friend requests or manage the list of friends. Many options are therefore available for practical and personalized use. However, this social menu also allows players to identify friends whose platforms are not compatible for Crossplay.

Users can tell the difference accurately to the degree of “Online Status” which is only available in case of Crossplay compatibility. In addition, an icon is often displayed in case a friend disables the feature. Also, if friend invites are sent from other platforms, they will automatically be redirected to the social menu.

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