What to see, what to do in Munich: the essential activities

Located in the southeast of Germany not far from the Alps, Munich is a city full of charm, reflecting the Bavarian way of life with its rich heritage and friendly atmosphere. Itineraries, activities and experiences… Our advice for your next trip to Munich.

The capital of Bavaria, Munich is the third largest city in Germany. Known for its relaxed lifestyle, it’s a lively and warm destination that particularly vibrates during Oktoberfest and the Bundesliga finals. The neo-Gothic style of its historic buildings is harmoniously balanced with the nature of its town planning. Beer tasting, visiting the BMW Museum, walking the Munich Champs-Élysées, and artistic discoveries… Munich is a city steeped in history that is perfectly in tune with the times.

Culture and tradition in Munich

An unmissable Bavarian festival, Munich’s Oktoberfest attracts thousands of travelers each year. Rawf8

The charm of the old town

The historic center of Munich can be discovered in Marienplatz, its emblematic square. The mechanical clock, Rathaus Glockenspiel, is particularly original with its automata. Around it, you can admire the New Town Hall in its impressive neo-Gothic style, the Fischbrunnen fountain with its fish sculpture, and the carillon that rings three times a day. A short walk away, Odeonsplatz is a square with Italian influences, with its stone lions standing guard. The tour continues to the Munich Residence, once the official residence of the monarchs. Not far away, you can admire the Church of St. Peter in Munich, the oldest in the city, then the Frauenkirch, a magnificent Gothic cathedral famous for its two towers. Do not miss to visit a more unusual church, the Asamkirche is magnificent, and sports the baroque and rococo style that we do not let go to immortalize.

Oktoberfest and beer garden in Munich

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian festival that usually takes place from mid-September to early October, where Munich residents and national and international travelers celebrate to the rhythm of traditional music and where beer flows freely. After attending the opening parade, we settled under a huge beer tent and tasted local foods such as pretzels, white sausages called weisswurst or pork knuckle. Throughout the year, we also come to beer gardens, large beer gardens where we meet loved ones and indulge in the Bavarian art of living, mug in hand. . Another institution, the Hofbräuhaus is a 16th-century brasserie with a rich past, where you can dine and learn about the city’s history. Every day, the Viktualienmark (a lively market) offers other typical dishes such as potato salad, leberkäse (charcuterie) or the inevitable apfelstrudel (apple pie).

The gateway to Bavarian castles

Two hours from Munich, the magnificent Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney. Patrick Kosmider

Bavaria can also be visited for its magnificent castles. Located in the heart of Munich, Nymphenburg is a former royal residence that impresses with its Gallery of Beauties and its lakes covered with swans. Two hours away, Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Walt Disney, immerses visitors in a true fairy tale. Built during the reign of Ludwig II of Bavaria, it impresses with its mountainside location, surrounded by forests, and its romantic style. Built in the same period, the Linderhof castle pays homage to France to the tunes of the Petit Trianon Versailles.

Munich, youa city of art and cars

A few steps from the BMW Museum, the BMW Welt stands out for its futuristic architecture. photo

Munich, its museums and its street art

In Munich, the art scene is very strong, and can be seen on the walls in the Schlachthof district in particular. Comprised of at least fifteen museums, historic or upscale, there are three excellent art galleries (closed on Mondays): the Alte Pinakothek dedicated to European paintings from the Middle Ages to the 18th century, the Neue Pinakothek to works from the 19th century , and the Pinakothek der Moderne, with modern art. Contemporary art can also be admired in the Haus der Kunst, as well as in the Brandhorst, with more than 100 works by Andy Warhol.

The flagship of the German car

As the world leader in the automotive industry, Germany has many of its main manufacturers in Bavaria. Among them, BMW, a true institution in the country. Enthusiasts and curious people will naturally find themselves at BMW Welt, an impressive site with futuristic architecture that can be visited in parallel with the BMW museum, which traces the origin and evolution of the manufacturer and its vehicles .

Sport and the great outdoors in Munich

A green lung of more than 300 hectares in the heart of Munich, Olympiapark includes a stadium, ice rink, indoor swimming pool, cycle path and aquarium. pwmotion

Land of football and meetings

The people of Munich live to the rhythm of the calendar of the historic club FC Bayern, founded in 1900. The one that has established itself today as one of the best teams in the Bundesliga and enlivens the hearts of the supporters, plays at the Allianz Arena and has its own museum to visit. Another sports symbol, the Olympic Park in Munich, built for the 1972 Olympic Games, is a vast green setting and a true symbol of culture that can be discovered in the north of the city.

Munich, green side

In addition to its magnificent Olympiapark, Munich has many other parks and gardens in which to bask in the heart of the city. Located in the district of Schwabing, the Englischer Garten is a green ember of 400 hectares, with an artificial lake, charming monuments, and a tea room. Here we can see the legendary Eisabchwelle wave, where locals and the more adventurous surf all the time under the gaze of curious onlookers. A recreation area, the Ostpark is popular among Munich residents for summer barbecues and winter skating. Even more floral, Westpark is a haven of peace, perfect for recharging one’s batteries with its rose garden and its Japanese garden, after days of exploring one of the most charming cities in country.

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