Second edition of the eSports Faction Gaming Arena: players dazzle!

The “players” and the public were present on Saturday, January 7, at the Caudan Arts Center, to follow the first day of the second edition of the Gaming Arena. More than 100 participants took action. Immersion!

The players are eagerly waiting for it. Introduced a year ago, the Gaming Arena, organized by eSports Faction in collaboration with Défi Media Group, KFC Maurice, Pepsi Black, Razer, Fjariltech, Geekin’ Moris, AGON by AOC, Defideal and Arozzi, has won over fans of video games. And they did not fail to respond to the second edition that was launched on Saturday January 7.

On the program for this first day: video game tournaments, including Apex Legends, FIFA 23 and Tekken 7, Gaming Exhibition, Cosplay Contest, comics, Manga Expo and Photo Booth for guests. Also, board games and Yu Gi Oh tournaments.

Controllers in hand, eyes glued to their screens, sweaty palms… the tension is palpable among gamers. Shouts of encouragement and sometimes sarcastic comments erupted during the matches, adding a certain charm to this event. This boy is still kind.

Around 1:30 pm, the Caudan Arts Center was thronged by people. There are many young players. The No Mercy Players trio, consisting of Israfeel Baurhoo and cousins ​​Zeeshan and Zahiir Bengah, aged between 14 and 17, participated in the Apex Legends tournament. They are doing their baptism of fire in the Gaming Arena competition, they confess.

Israfeel Bauhoo, Zeeshan Bengah, Zahiir Bengah had their baptism of fire.

“Usually, we play together online at home every day. Zahir and I have been playing together for three years. Israfeel joined us for two years,” shares Zeeshan. So the trio decided to take the plunge and join “a competition of this magnitude to live a common experience”.

It’s the dream experience for them as aspiring professional gamers, they say: “The gaming setup and the organization are top notch! For us, who want to cut our teeth, this is the perfect opportunity to rub the shoulders with the local best. It’s stressful, because the further we go in the tournament, the more the pressure mounts. But we’ll give it our best. Winning will open doors for us to make a name for ourselves . But it is an honor to be able to take advantage of this platform for this first experience. »

A sentiment shared by Dylan Veerigadu, 21 years old. Waiting to move on to the second phase of the FIFA 23 tournament, his eyes fixed on the big screen, studying the play of his potential opponents, he was focused. He revealed that this is the most important competition he has participated in so far. Moreover, on the occasion of the eSports Faction Gaming Arena, he will return to tournaments after a three-year hiatus.

“I often participated in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 tournaments organized by Internet cafes at that time. I became Top 2 and Top 3. But I never had the chance to participate in this tournament. The eSport Faction Gaming Arena is the biggest tournament that exists in Mauritius, hence my motivation to participate,” he continued.

Sheldon Dantier, champion of Mauritius in the game Tekken 7, never gets tired of the experience of tournaments.

“From the organization to the latest equipment and the level of play of the players, we are at a high level”, enthuses the young man. He said he is pleased that such a platform is accessible to local players: “We are on the right track. Hopefully this will allow us to promote professional eSports players and streamers in Mauritius , and why not push them into the international gaming scene. »

Additionally, we see Sheldon Dantier, 27, aka Godslayer. The Mauritius champion in the Tekken 7 game is always looking for opportunities to outdo himself. “I have been the champion of Mauritius of Tekken 7 for six years. In November 2022, I had the opportunity to be sponsored to participate in two international eSport tournaments in this game, especially in Paris and Bali”, he said .

He mentioned the first edition of the eSport Faction Gaming Arena as an “extraordinary experience” that allowed him to “put Mauritius on the map of international players”: “Mauritians have a level, we need to create more opportunities to be able to rub shoulders with international players. »

In addition to the video game tournament, cosplayers, dressed in the best costumes, put on a show, immersing guests in the world of manga. The lucky winner of the Cosplay Contest of this second edition of the eSports Faction Gaming Arena is Isha Gookool, for her Joan of Arc cosplay. “I’ve been cosplaying for two years. Winning this Joan of Arc cosplay contest is significant, because it’s the first one I’ve done entirely on my own. It took two months of work to get the desired result. »

He said he already has a special mention from the jury for both cosplays at CosmoCon 2022: “The first prize almost eluded me. Now, I’ve caught up. Being in first place at the eSports Faction Gaming Arena warms my heart ! »

Apex Legends: Void’s Lekip shines in the finale

Yogendra Hoomale and his teammates pocketed a check for Rs 25,000.

Great performance from Void’s Lekip, consisting of Yogendra Hoomale, Luvlesh Hoomale and Noah Bhenji Daulchand, at the Apex Legends tournament. He won the final, defeating No Mercy 3-1 on Saturday night at the Candan Arts Center.

“We achieved our goal. The competition was not that easy, but we gave our best to reach the final and win. Many thanks to Esport Faction and Le Défi Media Group for organizing the tournament,” said Yogendra Hoomale.

Void’s Lekip pocketed a check for Rs 25,000 and a trophy. His dolphin, the No Mervy team, did not leave empty-handed. He received a reward of Rs 15,000.

Dimitri Farla, Director of eSports Faction: “I was satisfied with how the competition went”

The director of eSports Faction shows satisfaction after this first day: “I am satisfied with the way the competition went. Everything went well, in fair play. I invite the public to come and join us for the second and last day scheduled for this Sunday at the Caudan Arts Center. »
It promises a great show. Especially in “an epic finale” of PubG Mobile. “The finalists from the PUBG Mobile Proving Grounds will cross paths with those from the Gaming Arena. In the preliminaries, we saw the creation of new teams proving their potential. They will compete with the veterans of the PubG game. We can’t wait to hear about the winners at the Gaming Arena,” he added.

This Sunday, January 8, it’s the turn of PubG Mobile Proving Grounds addicts to throw themselves into the arena. A cash prize of Rs 100,000 is at stake. There at Caudan Arts, between 10 am and 6 pm. The standard ticket is at Rs 100 per day and per person in presale and at Rs 150 at the entrance. The premium ticket is at Rs 150 per day and per person in presale and at Rs 200 at the entrance.

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