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Directed by Damien Leone. UNITED STATES. Horror/Gore. 2h12 (Released January 11, 2023). With David Howard Thornton, Lauren LaVera, Elliott Fullam, Sarah Voigt and Amelie McLain.

After exploring all that the human body can experience from the “terrible” operation, in “De Humani corporis fabrica”, where the virtuosos Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor are on camera, see “Scary 2“of Damien Leone looks like a piece of cake

However, according to a rumor that must have been purely advertising, the American audience vomited en masse before passing out in large numbers following the riots caused by Art the clown, carrying on his shoulder a plastic bag filled with instruments of torture and inferior pieces of his victims.

This second episode what many of them will probably understand is obviously always taking place on Halloween and the corpses will accumulate around the young heroine, Sienna, whose father committed suicide and her notebook he saw. of drawings representing the tortures inflicted last Halloween by the evil clown.

She takes inspiration from it to fashion herself a costume for Halloween resembling Barbarella and Wonder Woman, with the added bonus of a pair of white wings of an angel of death… Traumatized by the death of her father, that links to Art The clown needs to be enlightened, he’s about to live 2 hours 12 trying a bit…

2h12! Damien Leone has a big appetite because, in general, films in this category of gore rarely exceed 90 minutes. In this second part, the English director thus rises and is, this time, the leader of a truly American production.

Its credo is not originality at all costs. On the contrary, it is in loyalty to the classics that he draws from what will feed his cinema. He is also surprised that he does not rehearse all the time this second level that his competitors like to underline to show that they have a sense of humor, master a cinema that they will not do in their whole life (they believe, while often they will not come. out of it).

Damien Leone, he kept laughing at the question. His ambition would rather be an important genre director. He never tires of repeating the often similar scenes where the murders accumulate. He could refilm them several times: each time he would be meticulous, systematic in presenting the crimes.

Art the clown like to cart up his victims, butcher them bit by bit so that the horror lasts and they don’t die immediately. He will have a strong taste for their entrails which he conscientiously extracts from the bruised bodies, being able to pierce some parts of the body for his personal food.

With his fake smile, Art is merciless and loves to leave the previous victim in the contemplation of one of his next victims in the form of a glowing slime… and often relieves his head that may end up in his plastic bag of mischief that seems, like his cruelty, to be very deep…

Can we say after this description that Damien Leone’s “Terrifier 2” is really scary? Actually, it depends on whether you are a regular consumer of this type of film. We are still very close to the Grand Guignol, certainly practicing with great care and awareness of a well done.

No, the scariest thing is a world where millions of viewers want to see this evil clown perform his sadistic games. Damien Leone adds something that hasn’t been seen before in this cinema: his heroine is sometimes under ecstasy, always under drugs.

As he exits this episode in great shape, with only fine claws on his skin, like the victims of thin blades in the transalpine Gialo, he risks returning when, inevitably, Art the Clown resurrects in a form or something else. .different. Here, his beloved daughter can take the place of the beautiful Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan.

We are waiting for the sequel because Damien Leone’s “Terrifier 2” follows without boredom and we prefer to see the flow on the screens where tons of hemoglobin are broadcast than to see them in real life on the corner of a real street.

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