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Among the great resolutions of the year 2023, which we think about a lot, there is one that cannot be missed for developers and the tech community in general.

Meet and get to know the OVHcloud teams at VeryTechTrip, the new tech event organized by OVHcloud that will take place on Thursday February 2 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie in Paris. We tell you everything in this blog post.

1. Very Tech Trip, what is it and for which audience?

The #VeryTechTrip event aims to engage around 1,000 participants in an experience that will mix different formats: opening and closing keynotes, themed conferences, as well as collaborative labs and technical demos, not to mention the exhibitors’ lounge. . After two years marked by distance, of course part of it was the pleasure of seeing each other physically. Free and with registration, this #VeryTechTrip is aimed at all tech adventurers, those who put their hands on code, data or infrastructure: sysadmins, developers, DevOps, SRE, data scientists, cloud architects, IT students. .. An event between colleagues, in a symbolic place dedicated to science. Your excursion can be prepared in advance (and thanks to a dedicated mobile app), by choosing from the hundred stopovers offered around the following 9 themes:

• Development

• Innovation

• Cloud Native

• Infrastructure and hardware

• Security

•Data and AI

People and Technology


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2. Who organizes the Very Tech Trip and why?

OVHcloud is behind this new event. On our side, many prominent supporters join us. We will soon share their identity with you.

#VeryTechTrip wants to be an event vector in the community of passions that combines surprise, inspiration, connection and entertainment without forgetting a strong value: learning, preferably in a playful way.

But it is also a space for discussions focused on an open Cloud and a wide spectrum of themes, which are similar to the inquiry into the design and use of the Cloud: infrastructure, hardware, front-end development, methodology, electronics, Cloud Native approach, organization of groups…

3. How did you choose the speakers?

We organized, through the Conference Hall reference tool, a Call for Paper (CfP) open to everyone: OVHcloud employees and external speakers. This CfP closed on November 14 with more than 160 proposals.

Internally, we’ve made every effort to encourage first-time speakers to get started. Inspired by the practices of other tech conferences, we’ve deployed a mentoring and coaching program for new speakers to facilitate public speaking and help develop and refine talk proposals.

The bid selection committee is composed of members of the relevant technical, marketing and developer teams who work daily on the themes of the event. To choose is to turn away; the closing of the CfP is the perfect example. The sum of the submissions is twice the available slots and if the very good proposals can be discarded, we are proud to offer you for this first #VeryTechTrip a balanced program where each participant can see their selves.

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4. How to stay current throughout the year?

We hope to inspire all participants to register for national conferences (many of them already do), as well as regional gatherings, whose content is of excellent quality, such as DevFest Lille or SunnyTech in Montpelier . For our part, we also offer EcoEx On Stage, the annual event for our partners, in addition to constantly organizing OVHcloud Meetups wherever we have offices (about ten in France).

This #VeryTechTrip is part of our proposal for the tech audience in the OVHcloud community, in the same way as the Github Roadmap (Public Cloud Roadmap, HPC Roadmap, Infrastructure Roadmap) and the OVHcloud Discord, which allows your stay in touch throughout the year with our team.

5. What are the IT trends in 2023?

There are visible trends, because they have an immediate application for the general public, some of which have not yet shown their relevance. We think, for example, of the metaverse, augmented reality, with the idea of ​​improving and enriching interactions, or even Edge Computing. And then there are underlying trends, such as the sustainability of digital activities. It is at this last point that efforts and discourse will converge in 2023.

While the end of 2022 was marked by AI and the demonstration of its communication capabilities, it seems clear that 2023 will continue this trend, with real expectations on the Cloud side, if it is an open ecosystem and the necessary and legitimate debates on possible biases and the explanation of the algorithms used. To train and operate these more sophisticated AIs will require increased computing power, a challenge that the semiconductor industry must face as it faces more than ever the limits of physics.

Companies for their part must develop a new part of their Cloud strategy, with the issue of integration to make the whole coherent in a logic of cost optimization. That should not be the only decision criterion for the data value chain, the issues of sovereignty and reversibility will certainly still be at the heart of the debates of the year 2023.

As the Cloud continues to specialize to address increasingly innovative use cases in specific sectors, quantum computing will continue its advances throughout the year.

The datacenter industry should offer more options, especially in disconnected datacenters or in Edge mode. Finally, 2023 will confirm that the standard is now for Moderns Apps thanks to a Cloud Native approach specifically based on Kubernetes.

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6. What about sustainability specifically?

Digital represents 3 to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to Arcep, with terminals (screens and televisions) generating most of the environmental impact, from 65 to 92% against 4 to 20% for data centers. As you may personally know, OVHcloud has long been committed to controlling the environmental impact of its activity, having developed a pioneering cooling system based on water cooling in 2002. With environmentally friendly datacenters, OVHcloud is clear about its impact on the environment: Topics related to sustainability are also part of the #VeryTechTrip themes, including a new tool for the transparency of carbon emissions: the OVHcloud carbon calculator.

It goes without saying that the sustainability of digital activities will be the topic on which efforts and discourses will converge throughout 2023. If our efforts at the industry level will set the tone with the best efficiency indices in market, we believe in the power of the community to work towards a more responsible digital technology. On the occasion of EcoEx, last November, we gave the floor to Navi Radjou to develop the topic of economic innovation. We continue to believe in the power of this message: do more with less.


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