“we must act so that we do not suffer” according to the judicial police

“Small as well as larger local, regional and national companies; institution, municipality, hospital, etc. are victims of highly organized criminal groups,” explained divisional commissioner Paul Bousquet, head of the financial crime division within the Zonal Directorate of the Judicial Police (DZPJ) South-West. “This is a very opportunistic and adaptable crime. »

In recent years, the most widespread technique among Internet scammers is ransomware or “ransomware”, which consists of sending the victim malicious software that encrypts all their data and then asks them to pay ransom to change decryption password. “These are the strongest attacks, confirmed commissioner Paul Bousquet. Their number has quadrupled since 2018.” “Pirates are overflowing with imagination and someone who hasn’t been hit will one day,” complained Christelle, head of the group in charge of combating cybercrime at DZPJ.

victim of sports adventure

In Bordeaux, David Ducourneau, Chairman and CEO of the Sports Aventure brand, a specialist in mountain sporting goods, hiking, surfing and running, was the victim of a cyberattack in the summer of 2021. “In mid-August, I was on vacation and it was my store teams who noticed that our computer system was idling, the CEO said. We were warned of the dangers and our technicians immediately identified the problem. Hackers tried to recover our customer’s database. They succeeded in stealing employees’ user accounts and sought to install a ”skimmer” to replace our payment tool. »

90% of cyberattacks start with sending a simple email”

As a direct result, the Sports Aventure website has been down for more than 15 days. “We had to redo it completely with all our references. Our turnover was seriously affected. This attack could kill us”, breathed David Ducourneau.

Response teams therefore save lives. “We must act so as not to suffer,” insists Christelle, as investigators from the Digital Operational Investigation Laboratory (Lion) work on sensitive cases. “90% of cyberattacks start by sending a simple email,” said Commissioner Paul Bousquet. “You always have to watch what you click. »

“Our turnover was greatly affected. This attack could kill us”

Have proper reflexes

Phishing or phishing is another form of attack. In this case, the fraudster pretends to be an organization (bank, tax service, CAF, etc.), using the logo and name of this organization. He sends an email that usually asks to “update” or “confirm information following a technical incident”, and especially your bank details. “You should not respond to these messages and do not open the attachments,” the divisional commissioner insisted. So, to advise and support VSE-SMEs, 23 reservists were recruited by Bordeaux PJ. Women and men, employees, business managers, engineers, cybercrime trainers give their time as part of the civic reserve. “We raise awareness and simply inform to get the right reflexes and expectations,” said Anthony Don, reservist and IT business manager.

Since Internet fraudsters are often one step ahead, the judicial police invite victims to file a complaint as soon as possible and, if in doubt, contact their services at cybermenaces-bordeaux@interieur. gouv .Fr

TV7’s Enquête program Tuesday night

Divisional commissioner Paul Bousquet and David Ducourneau, CEO of the Sports Aventure brand, will be on the set of the program “TV7 Enquête” this Tuesday, January 10, at 8:55 pm
Diane Douzillé, journalist at TV7, also went to meet the investigators of the group in charge of combating cybercrime at the Zonal Directorate of the Judicial Police (DZPJ) South-West.

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