10 books and 10 documentaries to tell the story of electro

We listen to it from the cradle, devour it in high school or discover it as an adult, electronic music is vast and its history, as rich as it is mischievous. To find out the biggest ‑and even though nothing can replace hours and hours of listening to music – Tsugi has selected some of the most unique. here are 10 books and 10 documentaries that tell the epic of a style -not- : From a lifestyle.

We will not judge those who will learn about electro by going out Music history for dummies. But why not read a good set of books to take with you, for the strongest, and keep on your bedside table for others. It was still a question of musical style that moved the walls, so we had to write bricks.

Electrorama: 30 years of French electronic music — Tsugi

How about we start throwing flowers at each other? In the first imprisonment, the drafting of Tsugi embarked on a huge project and released a book of almost 250 pages. Electrorama: 30 years of French electronic music brings together interviews, portraits, unpublished articles and archive images to find out everything about the history of the French scene. Special mention for timeline looking back year after year, the most important event of this beautiful and great adventure. Available here.

The Song of the Machine —David Blot and Mathias Cousins


Electronics has many sub-genres that make it beautiful and complex. To know the story of the house, it is as wide as the international, The Song of the Machine will lighten you of a burden. The comic strip, illustrated by Mathias Cousin and narrated by David Blot, returns to the musical trend with a foreword by Daft Punk. Available here.

Tech 100 —Jean-Yves Leloup


in between founding discs and forgotten nuggets, Jean-Yves Leloup brings together a hundred important techno projects. Hammered, perfect for moving to the dancefloor and recommended for most of us Berliners, techno will undoubtedly have fewer – unfortunately always have – secrets for you. In Tech 100we also discover the analysis of this genre, its beginnings, its aesthetics and its imagination. Available here.

Electro, An Anthology —Thomas Gaetner


An electronic bible of knowledge. Thomas Gaetner has put together a massive collection of players in the history of the electronic scene. Chronologically, he brings his collection through anecdotes, archive photos, taking us from Chicago to Ibiza. Available here.

Last night a dj saved my life: a century of music on turntables —Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

recentlydjsavedmylifeBill Brewster chronicles the emergence of the profession of dj ever since sixtieth yearand sfollowing the birth of this revolutionary in the recording industry. With illustrations by Frank Broughton, Last night a dj saved my life trace the increase of dj in the musical landscape, its participation in the evolution of currents of dance music and the history of the most famous clubs on the planet. Available here.

Der Klang der Familie, Berlin, techno and the fall of the wall — Felix Denk and Sven von ThülenDer-Klang-der-Familie book

For the bare minimum knowledge of electronic culture, you need to know Berlin and its decaying music scene. In Der klang der familie — berlin, techno and the fall of the wall, Felix Denk and Sven von Thülen return to Berlin nightlife and its before/after the fall of its wall. The actors of the movement talk about techno and show the artistic and political dimensions of this German city that was then at the center of a world in the grip of bipolarity. Available here.

Les Fous du son, from Edison to the present —Laurent De Wilde


Jazzman Laurent de Wilde describes the global landscape of inventors and composers who belong to the history of electro. From our current high-tech objects to the first mechanical experiments, the author tells the story of his creators who invented the music of the future. Available here.


Berlin Sampler books

The author, Théo Lessour, tells the musical history of the German capital, and takes us through expressionism, cabarets, Nazism, communism, cold war, alternative scene and techno of this city outside the norm. A book with a panorama as wide as the city of Berlin is different. Available here.


How can we talk about electro culture without going to raves? In this book, Guillaume Kosmicki (and yes, him again) revisits the history of free parties, “secret and radical branch of rave”. The “90’s counterculture”its golden age until its violent suppression, Free Party, A story, story shows how its creation changed lives and directed destinies. Available here.

Of course, if you’re not into live electronic music, you can read this. But look at it too. In these documentaries, you will see the moments that marked the history of music around the world. In destinies, paths and adventures that are sometimes unbelievable. And unfortunately, only ten had to be chosen.

Pump Up the Volume: The History of House Music —Carl Hindmarch

Directed by Carl Hindmarch and produced by BBC in 2001, Turn up the Volume chronicles the social and cultural explosion of house music. From its creation in the basements of Chicago during the disco era, to its arrival on the international scene.


Sisters with Transistors —Lisa Rovner

In this wonderful documentary, Lisa Rovner looks back on the journey of these women who made their mark in the fascinating world of electronics. A hymn to the pioneers of this sound horizon, discovered and explored in the 1930s. To discover in Arte.

Laurent Garnier is off the record — Evening Rivoire

Director Gabin Rivoire traveled the planet with Laurent Garnier for three years between New York, London and Tokyo to immortalize the highlights of the life of Frenchie. Our national star of electronic music is taking the opportunity to look back on his thirty year career. To see on Canal +.

Berlin, the wall of sounds — Felix Denk, Gunther Kreis, Rolf Lambert and Sven Vön Thulen

Based on the book The Sound of Family -shown above- this film allows us to discover the faces of this Berlin scene and analyze the situation and highlight the techno, which allowed unity around the same center of interest for among the youth in the East and West of the city.


Welcome to the club! 25 years of electronic music —Dimitri Pailhe

Dimitri Pailhe brings together in this documentary the key moments of the latest musical revolution. This great adventure, which became a great chapter in the history of music, is now counted in decades. With the appearance of famous artists: Juan Atkins, Ellen Allien, Laurent Garnier and Seth Troxler. Check out the trailer here.


The Sound Of Belgium —Joseph Deville

Passing through the Flat Country for this film that showcases the richness of Belgium’s musical past. Jozef Devillé makes us discover the new beat, from its appearance to its golden age, its culture, as well as its influence on the Belgian electronic scene. Buy here.

Heretik System: We had a dream — Damien Raclot-Dauliac

After the book on free parties, here is its story in pictures. Considered one of the pillars of the underground electro scene and one of the most emblematic sound systems of the Free Party movement, the group Heretik System climbed the counter-culture ladder. We discover them in sequence during ten years of activism since the beginning of this new form of expression, a free and illegal, alternative and secret party.


high tech soul —Gary Bredow

We always want to know more about techno! Gary Bredow lets Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins explain the living conditions of Detroit and their consequences in the creation of this musical style. To learn all about the cultural and socio-economic circumstances that allowed the emergence of techno.


AR: real sceneResident Advisor

The popular Resident Advisor media produced this series of documentaries and traveled around the world to various electronic music scenes. From Bristol for the first stage, to Melbourne for the last, Resident Advisor shows the similarities, but above all the differences between the many cities that generate the wealth and variety of electronic music. All episodes can be found here.


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