And if we played baccalaureate? A recreated 100% Alsatian small bac, winner of a national board game competition

The company Lapin Sigma based in Ilkirch-Graffenstaden revisits the traditional Petit bac that everyone knows. Made entirely in Alsace, it was awarded the “Cocorico du toy français” prize in the “for partying” category.

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Alsace shines, even in the world of board games. Illkirch society Sigma Rabbit classic revisitedSmall Bac“, aka the baccalaureate game, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Its diversity “crazy” won, on September 28, 2022, the prize “French Toy Cocorico” in the living room “play french” of Saint-Ouen in the category “have a party“.

This is an assignment for our board game production company“, said Bruno de Combles de Nayves, manager of the company with his friend Aline and his sister Mathilde.We didn’t think we would win, because there were many big companies facing us“. For this “Small Bac” new generation, the Alsatian company has created six versions: classic, junior, crazy, over 18, girls and genius.

There is no need to have a ruler large enough to plot each column of each category on its own sheets. In this game, players have 50 removable sheets with predefined categories and precise rules to follow. “All you need to do is grab a pencil“, smiles Bruno. The crazy version was created especially for “laugh and make a debate“. This includes for example the categories “on a deserted island“,”ugly animal“,”sexy or glamorous job“,”failure“, or “imaginary creature“.

Born in November 2020 in Fegersheim, “Sigma Rabbit” is now based in Illkirch-Graffenstaden. The company is first and foremost the result of a shared passion between Bruno and his friend Aline for board games. “We left for six months in Quebec. During this time, I worked at the largest game store in Canada“, said the manager, “When I returned home, I saw the craze for board games reborn among the French, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. So we decided to start“.

This is one of the founding values ​​of our company, we want a short circuit to develop the local economy

Bruno de Combles de Nayves, manager of the company “Lapin Stigma”

To design it”Small Bac” revisited, the company first wanted to adopt 100% local DNA.”This is one of the founding values ​​of our company, we want a short circuit to develop the local economy“, says Bruno. For printing, Rabbit Stigma turned to the Geiger print shop in Illkirch. “It’s practical, because I can go and visit them whenever I want, it’s warmer“, he explains.small trash cans” was then packed by the Route Nouvelle Alsace company located in the center of Meinau.

A local approach that pays off for the company. For the past three years, their sales have doubled every year. Rabbit Stigma distributes its game to nearly 50 merchants in France, including fifteen in Alsace. A Belgian shop was even attracted to the project. “The fact that our small bin is completely made in France by a family business, it appeals to distributors but also to customers.“said Mathilde de Combles de Nayves.

With such a meteoric rise, the Alsatian company does not intend to stop on a good path. It will sell, in the coming months, a new edition of “small trash cans“. In A5 format and cardboard, it will allow you to play it at any time.”In the car or in a park, this small format can be positioned directly on the knees of the players”Bruno said.

To further develop their company, the teams of Rabbit Stigma will go to Cannes in February for the International Games Festival. Their goal: introduce their product to hundreds of individuals and professionals and find their future publisher. “This will allow us to offer a new game with pawns and cards“, explains the enthusiast.

After that, they start designing a board game that revolves around a police investigation. baptized”Killing on the red carpet“, this”party game” players will be challenged to find the culprit of a homicide. Each suspect will be a French celebrity, enough to spend an entertaining evening with friends.

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