Elon Musk slips, Tesla holds the road

Surprises are expected, new things are announced, disappointments are not excluded. Despite the struggles of its embattled boss Elon Musk, car brand Tesla is soaring again this year to new records. Like its competitors, it has suffered from shortages of electronic components, logistical difficulties, and even the prolonged shutdown of its Chinese factory due to Covid. Unlike most of them, it ended the year with a 40% increase in sales and exceeded one million deliveries, with 1.3 million registrations, i.e. the equivalent of the entire French market. in 2022. No other brand can boast such a record and benefit, like this, from the all-electric take-off.

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In Europe, its Model Y, a compact family SUV, was the most frequently delivered car, all energies combined, in October and November. In France, in an electric market that now represents more than 13%, its Model 3 sedan is no longer the best seller of the year, as in 2021. It is only in third. But with its Model Y, the American manufacturer now places two of its cars in the French’s top 10 favorite electric cars. Its commercial sites, already more than twenty, will continue to grow in France, as will its network of 1,600 superchargers.

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A wave called to get stronger

Inaugurated in March 2022, the “ gigafactory of Berlin-Brandenburg, the fifth in the world, continues to climb the European market. Production of its Model Y reached 3,000 vehicles per week in December.

Elon Musk could also take advantage of the brand’s twentieth anniversary, in July, to expand his range. Several prototypes have been shown at shows that are often bathed in lights and electro music. But their launch schedule remains a secret. ” Tesla chose to build its own sales network. The brand has no dealers or sales agents. People who keep their projects informed “, notes a competitor.

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Today, Tesla has only four models. In order of appearance on the roads, the Model S sedan arrived in 2012, followed by the Model X, a large SUV with butterfly-opening rear doors, the Model 3 and the Model Y, an in-house bestseller.

We no longer have electric cars that meet the 2023 criteria

The marketing of a new Model 3, refreshed inside and out, has not yet been confirmed, but seems certain for 2023. Already delivered in Europe at the very end of the year, the Model S and Model X in a more luxurious version will will continue their offensive. The Model S features the Mercedes EQS and its 100 kWh battery, with a range of close to 800 kilometers. To compete with the German – and all electric cars in the premium segment are sold for more than 130,000 euros – Tesla promises new batteries ” revolutionaries “. They will allow efficiency in terms of acceleration, the signature of the brand, and of course, better autonomy. In the longer term, for the European and Asian markets, the boss of SpaceX and Twitter has in mind a Model 2 , more compact and accessible. The project is only the subject of rumors, but the innovative capacity of Elon Musk’s teams has already surprised the entire industry. In France, such a vehicle will allow Tesla to regain favor with the ecological bonus. ” We will no longer have vehicles that meet the standard by 2023 “, we apologize to the manufacturer.

The year that begins may also be marked by the arrival of Tesla at the very top of the range, in the category of supercars, where Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini compete. A roadster is in the pre-marketing stage and the first copies, in limited edition, are offered for reservation for 250,000 dollars. This supercar can be overtaken at the starting line by a pick-up. Three years ago, Elon Musk presented the “ his sight of a light commercial vehicle equipped with a skip, triggering hundreds of thousands of reservations. His pickup is ready for the American market.

Finally, in December, the brand won another of its bets: to create an electric semi-trailer. Tesla Semi offers 800 kilometers of autonomy for 37 tons of cargo. Again, the customers cheered. The PepsiCo group was the first to be delivered and dozens of units are in production to supply new customers’ fleets.

Ex-Wall Street star victim of Twitter scandal

Despite its industrial performance, in a complex context, the financial markets neglected Tesla. Star of Wall Street a few months ago, the car brand was out of favor and struggling to recover. Musk’s personality is the main cause of investor anxiety. In November 2020, the manufacturer joined the prestigious S&P 500 stock index. No entry has weighed so much in the past decade. This would constitute one of the largest financing transactions in the history of the index “, then declared S&P Dow Jones Indices officials. The following year, the manufacturer’s share price reached historic peaks. In August, its market cap exceeded $900 billion, with revenue in 2021 which was $53.8 billion. In comparison, the Volkswagen group, which achieved 83 billion dollars in sales in the same year, did not ” weighed in the stock market than 250 billion. Tesla rivaled the greats of American tech, Elon Musk even dethroned Jeff Bezos as the richest man in the world.

The fall of more than 70% of Tesla shares is more synonymous with a lack of confidence in an ultra-media-exposed boss than a questioning of a unique economic model in the automotive industry. The billionaire’s takeover of Twitter at the end of October continues to add weight to his empire. With a share down to 108 dollars – against 205 for Ferrari – the correction is now considered excessive by the consensus of analysts.

The expected proliferation of new rechargeable models should not prevent Tesla from maintaining its lead in the 100% electric race. If the risk of an industrial accident has never been excluded, the system of its driving aids, often pointed out as its main technical weakness, has not been the subject of any recall from the American authority responsible for traffic on the road. “ The system we use fits many of our competitors’ vehicles “, we defend ourselves at Tesla. Even the delivery delays blamed on the American hit the entire industry. In mid-February, the presentation of results and forecasts for 2022 for 2023 should be among most followed in the brand’s young history. Elon Musk must reaffirm that Tesla remains at the top of his priorities. And kept walking.

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