eSports Faction Gaming Arena 2nd edition: a great start

200,000 Rupees, or just over 4,200 euros, are at stake in the 2nd edition of the Gaming Arena, the most famous electronic sports event in Mauritius. The public and the players are at the rendezvous and the atmosphere is particularly amazing in the main theater of the Caudan Art Center on the second day of the event.

eSports Faction Gaming Arena: an event taking place at the Caudan Art Center

You should not miss the two days of shows of the 2nd edition of the eSports Faction Gaming Arena. The event took place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 January 2023 at the Caudan Arts Centre, Port Louis, Mauritius. There is also the victory for the second edition of the tournament developed by eSports Faction, the first edition of which took place last year. This time again, video game lovers have had their dose of adrenaline at the Caudan Art Center Theater

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In fact, tournament events are not only hosted on the ground floor of the center, but also in its famous theater. Many young Mauritian gamers as well as the public were present. It must be said that the Gaming Arena is a whole festival of events all as exciting as each other. Thanks to the diversity of what’s on the program, everyone can find something they like.

A first day that started quickly for the Gaming Arena

With the number of people who came to participate in the various events of this second edition of the Gaming Arena, we can say that the bet is a winner for the organizers. Video game fans young and old were able to indulge their favorite fun activity. There is something for everyone at the Gaming Arena. The second edition of the Gaming Arena got off to a good start. From day one the program was done.

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On Saturday January 7, the program featured video game contests. We can mention Apex Legends, FIFA 23 or even Tekken 7. The public and gamers also enjoyed entertainment at the Gaming Exhibitions, Cosplay Contest and Manga Expo, not to mention the section dedicated to comics. Board games and Yu Gi Oh tournaments as well as Photo Booth varied the activities on the first day of the second edition of the Gaming Arena.

Everyone found their place at the Caudan Center this Saturday. While competitors focused on their screen, mishandling their joysticks, the audience followed the silence and raucous sessions of encouragement and crying. The least we can say is that the atmosphere was really there on the first day of the eSport Faction Gaming Arena. It’s also the second day of editing a total success.

PUBG Mobile: the flagship tournament of the Gaming Arena

It goes without saying that the eSports Faction Gaming Arena is the most important e-sports event in Mauritius. In addition, the winners of this 2023 edition shared a total of Rs 200,000. With all the tournaments and events scheduled at the Gaming Arena, sure PUBG Mobile Tournament which is the most impressive and the most followed. We can judge by the number of young people queuing to enter the Caudan Center’s main theater.

The PUBG Mobile tournament was actually broadcast on the big screen. As we witness the warming of the great theater hall, bathed in a warm light environment, behind the scenes, technicians prepare and finalize the final technical details essential for the broadcast of the tournament on the big screen. If the Gaming Arena started strong on Saturday January 7, we can say that the second day did not disappoint anyone either.

An esports event that ends perfectly

The winners of this 2023 edition are MAU eSports on PUBG Mobile, Fayad Ruhomally on FIFA 23 and Sheldon Dantier in Tekken 7. For the second and last day of the Gaming Arena, only these three disciplines are on the program. Broadcasting PUBG Mobile on the big screen is a first for eSport Faction, and the least we can say is that it was a total success. On the gamer side, we’ve seen teams evolve and become more competitive.

For Dimitry Farla, the director of eSports Faction, the second edition of the Gaming Arena was a total success. The goals set were achieved according to him and they will do it again next year. Waiting for the 2024 edition of the Gaming ArenaMauritian players will be able to participate in other events organized by eSports Faction with the Défi Media group, one of its partners.

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