FIFA 23: Big changes made in first major update! How to silence the critics?

Game news FIFA 23: Big changes made in first major update! How to silence the critics?

A week after deploying an update whose main change concerned penalties, EA Sports released the first major update for the title. In the program: the behavior of goalkeepers, passes, duels, Ultimate Team mode or even career mode.

FIFA 23, the last game from EA Sports to use the word FIFA, like the others, has no right to a peaceful exit despite its features. As for the gameplay or ultimate team mode, many problems have been identified and reported by developers or players.

FIFA 23’s first major patch is here!

In general, FIFA 23 is not won’t be seen as a revolution, but the title changes a lot of mechanics, while taking a little look at the Ultimate Team mode. Logically, the developers have, from the release if not a little before, started working on the first patches. Based on early player feedback, they were also able to prioritize tasks, and after a small patch released last week, the first big update has arrived.

FIFA 23: Big changes made in first major update!  How to silence the critics?

Therefore it is focused on the goalkeepers and their behavior in certain shots, the attitude of the defenderstoo fragile in some sequences or even arbitration. For example, flicks and Panenka have been redesigned to be more efficient, less curved in their trajectories and more centered, while referees should whistle less. The update also improves the efficiency of standing tackles, the speed of ground passes, but also a whole list of animations, which are seen to create problems during transitions. Here is the list of major gameplay-related changes:

Gameplay fixes

The following changes have been made

  • Flicking shots can only be taken towards the third central section of the goal.
  • Adjusted flick shot trajectories to be less curved overall.
  • Improved the odds of standing tackles winning the ball.
  • Increased ball speed for all ground passes.
  • Penalties taken when the calm ring is red tend to miss the goal entirely.
  • The AI ​​is more likely to play a direct tactical style on Pro, World Class, and Legendary difficulties.
  • The semi-assisted pass assist setting continues to set directed passes as assisted, as there is no option for semi-assisted directed passes.

Fixed the following issues

  • Goalkeepers can sometimes react too quickly to certain shots.
  • Sometimes goalkeepers are positioned too far from the goal line when trying to stop long shots.
  • When trying to run towards the goal line to save a Chip Shot, goalkeepers can make the mistake of catching the ball.
  • Improved dribble animation transitions after tripping the ball.
  • Sometimes goalkeepers couldn’t stop shots that were too close to their body.
  • In rare cases, the ball carrier may sprint to the ball and lose control of it.
  • Improved referee logic when calling fouls inside the box.
  • Sometimes goals scored during a playable highlight do not count towards the score.
  • When calling for a tackle while behind the ball carrier, animation blocking can sometimes occur.
  • Improved referee logic when determining fouls following blocking animations. Improved referee logic when choosing to call a foul after a defender has won the ball.
  • Increased effectiveness of tackles when made on an inactive ball carrier. Some tackle animations may play incorrectly after completion.
  • Some goalkeeper animations are not displayed correctly.
  • When dribbling near the sideline, the ball carrier is more likely to keep the ball in play when late changes of direction are needed.
  • Improved referee logic when determining fouls following contact between goalkeeper and ball carriers.
  • In rare situations where the defender is not close to the ball carrier, the ball carrier may do an unsolicited pop-up animation, attempting to loop the ball around the defender’s foot.
  • Improved referee logic when deciding to call a foul due to accidental contact between players. Improved player selection logic for high power Lob Passes.
  • Fixed various visual-only issues
  • Improved referee logic when determining fouls while the ball carrier is stationary.

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The Ultimate Team mode is also entitled to some improvements

Ultimate Team mode, the most popular, and unquestionably the most profitable for EA, also suffered a lot of problems, where duplicates were added, and the terrible Heroes Pack bug, which completely disrupted the market for buying and reselling player cards. Most of the changes have to do with the mode’s animations, and the removal of some waiting screens. As for the issues, the one with the Squad Building Challenge doesn’t show the reward the impossibility of exchange has been corrected. Stability has also been changed, whether when opening packs, or when inviting players to an online friendly match.

  • The “don’t show this message again” option did not take effect when performing squad actions on the squad screen.
  • The in-game scoreboard is not always displayed correctly in Team Battles.
  • Some balloon elements were not displayed correctly.
  • After purchasing a bundle of stadium items, the third tier FUT stadium can be seen in the background until exiting and re-entering FUT.
  • The Help button callout on the Team screen is not working properly.

For their part, fashions Racing and Club Pro x Volta there were also many changes. Correction of scoreboard that could show incorrect results in playable highlights, removal of off-topic questions during post-match conferences, error in the number of participants in Portuguese Cuprarity of Volta store items fixed, whatever!


Fixed the following issues

  • In some cases, the player’s team may accidentally have fewer playable highlights than the opposing team.
  • In some cases, AI managers can sell too many players without replacing them.
  • Some league standings incorrectly indicated which teams qualified for European competitions. (visual only)
  • The Transfers tab may show the wrong league for a scouted player. (visual)
  • An own goal scored by the team under human control may be considered a goal scored by the opposing team.
  • Goalkeepers still wear their gloves in transfer-related scenes.
  • Updated several instances of inaccurate reporting and text.
  • Addressed a stability issue that could occur when replicating matches.
  • Seasonal XP can sometimes show as zero in VOLTA FOOTBALL (visual).
  • The Pro Clubs team captain handles the corners instead of the assigned player.
  • When a free kick is taken in a Pro Clubs match, the camera is changed to the free kick camera for all teammates instead of just the shooter.
  • When changing an avatar, the year of birth can change by itself.
  • When editing VOLTA FOOTBALL outfits, socks can sometimes show through the shoes.

Some general repairs for the road!

Let’s finish this presentation with an update, which you can see in full at official forum of fifa in English, with general fixes related to sound, visuals, and various settings generals:

  • Updated some balls, kits, stadiums, themes, player moves, player bios, comment lines, replays, goal music, background music, crowd reactions, broadcast packages, sweat effects, celebration trophy, race styles, club description, UI elements, credits, cutscenes, mascot, AR overlay, celebration, and billboard.
  • Pausing an EATV video can launch career mode.
  • In rare situations, goalkeepers will respond to a scored goal as if it were a shot off target.
  • During the goal celebration, if no button is pressed, the goalscorer can sometimes move erratically.
  • When the ball is out of play, it may mistakenly disappear for a moment.
  • In some cutscenes, the manager can be seen talking to an evil player.
  • In some cases, the depth of field effect is not displayed correctly.
  • During the goal celebration, some members of the crowd don’t show up right.
  • Addressed various stability issues that could occasionally occur.

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