TOP 10 books to help you sleep well

What if, to start the year off on the right foot, you decide to discover the secrets of a deep and healing sleep? Discover great sleep books and change your nights… and your life this year!

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If you have suffered from insomnia for a long time or just find it difficult to return to good sleep after a stressful period, this TOP 10 of the best sleep books is for you.

After the abuse of the holiday season and the total lack of activity in recent weeks, it’s the perfect time to consult these books that will enlighten you on how to find healthy sleep habits.

Discover the benefits of meditation, hypnosis, breathing, yoga and many other techniques to cure insomnia once and for all.

1. The 50 golden rules for sleeping well, Marc Rey

Anxiety, stress and overwork are sources of difficulty sleeping, waking up at night, and even insomnia. But a healthy lifestyle and simple habits can facilitate sleep and improve recovery.

In this little book, Dr. Marc Rey, neurologist and excellent sleep specialist, of the keys to better understand and prepare your sleep well. To finally (re)find the keys to an easy and restorative sleep, treat yourself to this read!

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2. Energy: the anti-fatigue guide(s): naturally rebalancing your life, Mélanie Duféey

What if we told you that there is not one but many fatigues? And for each of them, there are 100% natural remedies? Identifying the cause(s) of fatigue is an important step in gradually gaining good energy.

Sleep problems, hormonal imbalance, complex digestion, inappropriate diet, emotional and social factors: in this book, the author gives the keys to finally understand your stress and balance your life naturally. Mélanie Duféey, naturopath for more than 10 years and author of many health books, invites you to discover fatigue from an undiscovered angle.

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3. Sweet dreams: bedtime stories to soothe the mind and sleep, Kathryn Nicolai and Léa Le Pivert

Sleep disorders affect more than one in three people and increase the risk of health problems. Are you an insomniac, anxious, can’t get off your cell phone before bed? The book was made for you.

Inspired by acclaimed podcast stories Nothing Too Much Happening, this book offers you something to travel and soothe its reader in minutes. Walk through an autumn-colored forest, watch the rain fall, follow fireflies on a summer night, walk by the ocean. You can also choose to isolate yourself from home or nature, enter bookstores, bakeries, cafes.

Beautifully illustrated, these stories will bring you the calmness and well-being needed to fall asleep faster and deeper each night. Leave the everyday gray and stress behind, and have sweet dreams.

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4. The Sleep Revolution: Transform Your Life, Night After Night, Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington

Discover in this book important advice to cure sleep disorders and regain good physical and moral health, fulfillment at work and in relationships. Nothing better to start the new year!

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5. Ending sleep disorders, Cécile Guéry Riquier

In this comprehensive guide, discover important to know and practical advice targeted according to your needs to find calm and rewarding nights. Understand how sleep works: the stages of the sleep cycle, the evolution of sleep needs, the effect of a short night on the body, the science of dreams…

Act with effective and adapted solutions according to the importance of ailments: improve lifestyle and diet, use natural remedies and alternative medicine, use sleeping pills wisely, identify more serious ailments that require consultation.. .All the keys to understanding sleep disorders and getting restful and beneficial sleep!

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6. Sleeping well can be learned! : 2 months of the sleep recovery program, Benjamin Lubszynski and Emmanuelle Pioli

Creator of a YouTube channel on the subject, the author offers a sleep rehabilitation program with weekly exercises that use various therapies: hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, ASMR or a combination of heart Also get over thirty self-hypnosis sessions to download if you want to sleep better, starting today.

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7. Overcome the Enemies of Sleep, Charles M. Morin

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep?
Are you tired of sleepless nights? Whatever the obstacles to your rest, you will find in this book a way to overcome them.

The author offers a personal program to overcome sleep disorders without medication, explanations of harmful factors, as well as solutions to solve the most common problems in children, adolescents, adults , as well as those who have to deal with staggered schedules. . A practical and complete guide to sleeping peacefully!

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8. Anxiety, depression, sleep: Discover the surprising links between food and mental health, Uma Naidoo

What we eat does not only influence our weight or our physical shape. Recent studies have shown the close relationship between our digestive system and our brain and have proven that our diet can have a profound effect on issues related to our mental health: ADHD, stress, anxiety, OCD , dementia, insomnia and more. ‘others. .

Based on rigorous scientific data and combining important nutritional recommendations as well as delicious brain-healthy recipes, this book is the essential guide for anyone who wants to feel better in their head and in their plate!

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9. In pajamas with Buddha: sleep better in seven weeks thanks to meditation, Joseph Emet

Do you feel overwhelmed by a flood of intrusive thoughts at bedtime? Do you feel like you’re always tired or never really rested? When it happens repeatedly, sleep problems can become a real obstacle to your well-being.

In this book, you will discover the benefits of meditation, a concrete tool to cure insomnia. Rooted in the Buddhist tradition, the advice revealed throughout the pages invites you to harmonize body and mind.

In seven weeks, you will learn how to implement different strategies to properly prepare yourself for sleep. Thanks to practicing the suggested exercises, you will see the pleasure of going to bed after a busy day!

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10. The Secrets of Vitality, Nicole Gratton

The human body is a great marvel. But there are times when this wonder goes awry. Normal fatigue that disappears after a good night’s sleep becomes chronic fatigue. Small discomforts appear here and there. Physical effort makes mental activity more strenuous and slower. What will happen to us? Is it possible to restore our former vitality?

In this essential guide, Nicole Gratton teaches us to recognize the factors that influence our physiological and psychic energy.

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