8 good reasons to work in assistance Atlas, the branch of aid companies, and the Observatory of Assistance Professions

Within the assistance branch, you can use exciting jobs to help insurance beneficiaries in case of need (water damage, car breakdown, etc.). It’s exciting, and here are all good reasons to jump into this sector with both feet!

1. Concrete jobs that make sense

Many trades make up the helping branch. The assistance technician, a specialist in a field and generally a former professional in this sector (automotive, home, health, etc.) works with assistance managers, but also with networks of service providers ( garage mechanics, plumbers, locksmiths, social workers, etc.); the aid officer provides assistance to beneficiaries who contact him, relying on a network of service providers. He is a real “conductor” of the audience.

The support manager may also participate in service improvement and training of new support managers.

The computer technician deploys his talents and his support in the field of computing and telephony.

Finally, the network manager weaves a network of service providers willing to intervene (ambulance, taxi, mechanic, etc.).

On a daily basis, these professions make sense: what could be more concrete than helping someone who is discouraged? To another who, on a trip abroad, had to be returned to France due to health concerns? When you work in aid, you help the beneficiaries (they get insurance) by finding suitable and fast solutions.

2. Auto, health, travel, IT… Different fields, which should be the one that suits you

When you work in assistance, you will deal with visible everyday problems, which are part of many areas: automotive, health, travel, IT, personal services, housing …

So, if you are sensitive to the health sector, you will be able to help people in this niche. While car enthusiasts will be great at supporting people who call in the event of a flat tire… Of all the areas represented, yours must exist.

3. We feel useful

Feeling useful every day is a very good feeling, which increases self-confidence, but in the future. Who does not feel a certain joy and a certain comfort in the idea of ​​having someone’s support, and even, of getting them out of trouble?

Every day when you work in support, you deal with dozens of calls with a similar subject: the problem. But thanks to your skills and the tools you have to move heaven and earth, problems always end with a solution. At the end of the day, you will, in your measure, participate in the comfort of many people, whose gratitude nourishes you.

4. A professional branch where the human factor thrives

Helping professions are professions where the human factor prevails. The telephone and computers remain the primary media. A support that invites listening, sharing, linking. A more than important detail in an era where digitalization and automation reign supreme.

With help, there are no “bots” or long writing conversations: we talk and we listen to each other. “Live voice” reassures the person on the phone, but also encourages a better understanding of their problem, even their concerns. Your presence is important.

5. We are never bored

Every call is unique: the concerns of some are not those of others. So, since each case is unique, the support manager must constantly adapt to the need. He should listen and bounce according to the problem presented to him. It will not be the same as the day before, which encourages renewal.

If there are methods that allow solutions to emerge, it is impossible to get bored in the help professions: there are always people to help, always special cases, but always urgent . This fact, which requires responsiveness and efficiency, is exhilarating. It allows the days, which are not the same!

6. Schedules that break the routine

The world of help lives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means that its employees have to work days, nights, staggered, alternating hours, and have holidays in one week…

This offbeat rhythm is anti-routine, an important criterion for many people, especially for the new generations.

7. Fast on-the-job training

To work in the world of help, there is no way to follow: you can have a baccalaureate, or an equivalent degree obtained through experience, and apply. You will be trained in the field and in the classroom by the assistant trainers and you will be able to quickly implement the instruction received. So, there is no need to have a golden CV or do long studies.

Just remember that if you have taken any training, completed internships and worked a few summers, this string of experiences can guide your appetite for help: car, health, travel?

8. The possibility to start a summer job (apply!)

The world of help is recruiting now and offers you a job for the summer of 2023. The opportunity to discover this exciting branch and to hone your skills. It should be noted that one in three people decide to stay on this path for a long time after trying it. It’s up to you, we know what you’re doing this summer!

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