CES in Las Vegas 2023 as a motor show

The car has become a connected object like any other. Electric, connected and autonomous: it has something that appeals to a very “geek” professional audience. And for this 2023 edition of a high-tech show like CES, the car is here at the center of the game.

Starting with a brand not distributed in the United States, Peugeot. In fact, Carlos Tavares, head of the Stellantis group gave one of the opening conferences of CES. He talked about the business and the decline in the market due to the high price of electric cars. He also presented a stunning concept car, the Peugeot Beginning. This long electric limousine of about 5 m is designed to give the keys to the brand’s future models. It is based on the new generation electric platform called STLA (pronounced “Stella”). On an ambitious technical sheet: at least 680 hp and 800 km of autonomy.

Peugeot launched its Inception at CES 2023

The design of this Inception, with a rather aggressive front end contrasted with flowing lines, gives an idea of ​​the future evolution of the brand, just like the interior of the car. Its canopy is 7.25 m2 is of course a pure concept. But cabin ergonomics, with a square steering wheel that presides over all-electric steering, may arrive sooner than we think. It also includes common commands that are distributed across stems. For their part, the display of driving information is projected onto a translucent cylinder. Another concept from a brand of the Stellantis group, very American, is the pick-up RAM 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. Naturally electric, it can be recharged by induction.

Another brand that will be giving a conference during this CES 2023, BMW with his boss Oliver Zipse. The latter unveiled the i Vision Dee concept. A concept that also gives a taste of the next generation 100% electric Neue Klasse. Sensible in its lines of a small 4-door sedan, the concept allows itself a fantasy with its e-ink panels. Their advantage: changing the color of the bodywork on demand.

The color is BMW

A technology that should be standard for certain elements such as the grille, to change the “face” of the car. The minimalist cabin doesn’t have any screens here, favoring the projection of a head-up display with variable geometry at the base of the windshield. A solution to be made in series. Between basic information and XXL projections on the entire windshield when stationary (during recharging), the driver has a choice of five-position control on the dashboard.

In the house of volkswagen, the future iD.7 saloon showed itself under a luminescent camouflage suggesting more classic lines than other models in the line. Among the classic manufacturers, mercedes took advantage of CES to announce the launch of its high-power charging network.

A solar car

For their part, the Dutch Lightyear bet on their solar car. This makes it possible to space out electric recharging and gain autonomy and budget for use. We saw the latter (but did not photograph), very promising. Its price: around 40,000 euros, for a launch scheduled for 2025.

Vietnamese Vinfast was there too, with a new range of… very stylish electric bikes. Finally, the Turks of Togg occupies a large stand, strangely car-free. Their goal: to highlight the customer experience they want to offer. Finally, Circle presented his small car intended for car sharing at the stands of the French Tech start-up.

Equipment manufacturers, a source of innovation

Such a show also offers manufacturers the opportunity to tour the latest innovations from their equipment manufacturers. Valeo bet on Cyclee, a high-end motor/automatic transmission system for electric bicycles, crowned with a CES innovation award. Continental presented a driver recognition system developed using Trinami. This device works like iPhone’s facial recognition.

ZF, meanwhile, features heated seat belts. According to the German equipment manufacturer, this equipment reduces heating needs and saves 15% of electrical energy. Harman in its part placed a replaceable electronic box for the car’s infotainment, allowing a technical update during its life. As for FrenchArkamys, they offer the inclusion of immersive Dolby Atmos sound in the cabin, in collaboration with Pioneer. Innovation certainly resides in all areas of automotive at CES.

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