Conversion bonus, bonus… What help can I claim to change cars?

“What about the conversion bonus for an old car that has been scrapped? » This is the question of Roger, a reader from La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée).

You can, Roger, benefit from state aid to replace your car and buy or rent a cleaner car, electric or not: there are two aids, which can be combined. This is the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus.

“The conversion bonus is a subsidy for acquiring a new or used low-emission vehicle in exchange for scrapping the car”, we read on the official website dedicated to this bonus. As for the ecological bonus, it is an aid of a maximum amount of €6,000 for “buy or lease a new or used electric or hydrogen vehicle or a new plug-in hybrid vehicle”.

The conversion bonus in detail

If you want to get rid of your old car, which seems to be yours Roger, you can benefit from a bonus “up to €3,000 for the purchase of a new or used thermal vehicle, and up to €5,000 for the purchase of a new or used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle”explained the Ministry of Ecological Transition, on its website.

“There is an additional premium of a maximum of €1,000 when the beneficiary lives or works in a low mobility emission zone (ZFE-m) and benefits from similar assistance granted by a local authority”, further refers to the ministry. Note that La Roche-sur-Yon, where you live Roger, is not part of the low emission zones.

To get the conversion bonus, you need to get rid of a diesel vehicle registered before 2011 or a petrol vehicle registered before 2006. The old vehicle, car or van, must be scrapped at an approved ELV center, c ie end of life vehicle.

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“Regarding the conversion bonus, it will be reserved for households whose reference income per unit is below €22,983 (ie 80% of households)”the Ministry of Ecological Transition tells us.

“The cost will increase for households in the first two income deciles (benchmark tax income of less than €6,358 per unit) and for households in the first five income deciles and high rollers (benchmark income in tax less than €14,089 per unit) where the premium can reach up to €6,000 for the acquisition of a car and €10,000 for the acquisition of a van”added the ministry.

And the ecological bonus?

“From January 1, 2023, the ecological bonus for the acquisition of a new vehicle is reserved for electric passenger vehicles whose acquisition cost is less than €47,000 and the mass is less than 2.4 tons, and electric vans »answer to Western France the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The amount of assistance can be up to €5,000 for getting a car and €6,000 for a van. As we said above, the two aids, conversion bonuses and ecological bonuses, can be combined.

“As announced by the President of the Republic at the Paris Motor Show, the amounts of this assistance will increase by €2,000 for households whose reference income per unit is below €14,089 (ie 50% of households), i.e. a maximum aid of €7,000 for the purchase of a car and €8,000 for a van”, we added to the ministry.

Where to apply?

You must file your application online by clicking on this link, the list of documents to be included is specified in a table.

Good to know, a simulator is available online to test your eligibility for the conversion bonus. Thanks to a questionnaire (type of scrapped vehicle, desired vehicle, petrol or diesel, hybrid, new or used, etc.), you can access an estimate of the amount that can be paid to you.

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