Discover assistance professions in Atlas, the branch of assistance companies, and the Observatory of Assistance Professions!

The assistance branch is home to several exciting professions, which tend to have similar goals: to provide assistance to insurance beneficiaries (travel, auto, home, etc.) in the event of a problem. What exactly does it consist of? Can you work there?

Faced with water damage or in the event of a breakdown or accident, we all have a reflex to call our insurance. Immediately, the help managers are available and responsive to help us, guide us and send us a specialist if necessary. These people work in a specific branch, also called the help branch, which handles more than 52 million calls per year in France*. In it, many professions are represented, forming a real link intended to help the individual in need according to the contractual guarantees available to him.

The branch of assistance companies, the Observatory of Assistance Professions and Atlas, the OPCO of financial and consulting services, invites you to go behind the scenes of this highly employable universe, dynamic and close to people. .

Concrete and rewarding missions

If there really is a sector that is not affected by “no electricity”, or the feeling of doing a job without meaning, it is helping. In fact, in this branch, the missions are very concrete. We know exactly why we get up in the morning: to help insurance beneficiaries in trouble. If Mrs. Dupont, for example, had misplaced his keys and couldn’t get into his home, he would call his home insurance. On the other end of the line, a support representative will listen to him, analyze the situation and find a safe and fast solution. A number of everyday risks (water damage, material damage to cars, theft, etc.) are thus taken care of by the help professions.

So, the support manager – the main profession of the industry that you can discover in the video here – uses a profession that could not be more visible.

In addition, assistance technicians, specialists in various fields, also receive requests for assistance, particularly in the fields of vehicles, housing and health.

The work of the network facilitator also plays an important role, as it carefully selects service providers who can respond to requests for help, such as repairmen, taxis, paramedics, plumbers, locksmiths, etc.

What does everyday life look like with help?

If the network facilitator is required to travel to meet with service providers and create a network of service providers useful to those requesting assistance in the field, assistance officers and technicians work on telephone platforms. A big family working together to find solutions with help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, the schedules are flexible: you can work day, night, take advantage of a day off … This unique rhythm adds a dose of anti-monotony to these concrete professions, where there is no boredom .

What if you were made for it?

Every day, people working in aid therefore have a very specific role, responding to the beneficiary in different ways (telephone, messaging, WhatsApp) and giving him help and support after analyzing his situation. For this, the world of help is looking for empathic profiles, who want to respond to an emergency. Do you know how to listen to people? Are you dynamic, alert and organized? If you want to move towards a people-based profession, supporting everyone in the face of practical day-to-day concerns, this sector is cut out for you, as long as you are cut out for it .

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the field that suits you: automotive, housing, health, travel, medical, personal services? It is possible to help where you are comfortable and closest to people.

Train yourself for a summer job!

The aid sector employs more than 10,000 people in France and the good news is that you don’t need to have a very extensive CV or have completed a long higher education to get a job. your place A baccalaureate, or an equivalent degree obtained through experience, is sufficient: what matters most is your personality, your motivation, your desire to help people and your ability to be alert.

Remember that if you got a higher education after the baccalaureate or completed internships, these qualifications can open doors to you for a specific help sector: computer skills will easily lead you to become a technician. you will likely be escorted to health care.

Are you interested? The help desk is recruiting now and offering you a summer job. You can try your luck to discover this environment. You will benefit from two weeks of training to start your new life with the necessary background. That’s one in three people then chooses to work there for a long time. The future will tell you!


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