Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

Game News Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

After the last quarter with the release of great exclusives and high quality ports, Nintendo decided to recharge its batteries a little before starting twelve new months full of promise. Before delivering the sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild or offering us a new Pikmin, expected for a long time, the Japanese company speeds up the relatively light month of January – perfect after the graduation celebration of the year. so many — but still marked by the release of a new title from the cult Fire Emblem saga: a small selection of titles that will join the catalog of the hybrid console in the coming weeks!

Lone Ruin

Symbolic of growing popularity over months, or even years, we begin this first selection of 2023 titles nintendo-switch with the new representative of roguelike of the independent scene, Lone Ruin. At first glance, it looks like a cross between Hyper Light Drifter and The Binding of Isaac. If it remains proven, the controller in hand, the first extracts seem to promise us a similar dynamism thanks to its formula ” twin stick shooter “. As its title suggests, Lone Ruin thrusts us, in the shoes of an explorer with powers just waiting to be awakened, into the ruins of a very ancient city that was once a source of magic.. Now, its ancient civilization is dead, consumed by corruption and madness, and the wizards who tapped into its magic are gone, replaced by ominous creatures determined to make our journey as complicated as possible . Determined to get your hands on the thousand-year-old power that lies within these vestiges, you traverse rooms infested with enemies and sink a little after each encounter, gaining power and increasing your spells tenfold.. The range of possibilities, in terms of skills, is wide enough to give you the opportunity to develop your own style of play to efficiently get rid of the bosses and enemies that populate these ruins whose secrets is just waiting to be revealed. . If the main adventure isn’t challenging enough for you, you can start in the world of Survival Hope this expedition won’t be a real descent into hell!

  • Release date: January 12, 2023
  • Also available on PC

Persona 3 Portable

Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

As you can see as you read these lines, there is a strong trend towards role-playing games in the first month of the year. After years of waiting for the release of Persona 5 on Nintendo’s portable console, the Japanese firm and Atlus have finally answered the prayers of fans of the license. — and more by offering them the “Royal” version —, but that’s not the only gift. Not content with already having such a rich panel of Japanese RPG-oriented productions available, the catalog of nintendo-switch expanding with a handful of classics including Persona 3 Portable ! And no, this privilege isn’t just reserved for Xbox players who subscribe to Game Pass. In other words, for the occasion, this release is not just a pale copy on the consoles of the current generation. We recently learned that small novelties were made by developers. As if to celebrate, with a little delay, the tenth anniversary of its PSP launch, P3P — as it is more easily called — there will be French subtitles. A godsend to further immerse yourself in history, powered by providing “very easy” and “easy” difficulty to better enjoy the scenario. For those who like a challenge but are wary of going through huge chunks of the game in case of losing, it will be possible to save on the fly and anywhere. people you need to explore Gekkoukan High School and its surroundings to eliminate the threat of the “Shadows”: draw your Evokers and get ready for a long game time, but it’s not over yet!

Persona 4 Golden

Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

For this new year, not one but two games people to join the catalog of nintendo-switch. Yes, Nintendo and Atlus are creating something new with the old, but this is the perfect opportunity to discover the series and properly prepare for the sixth opus that is so long overdue! After trying Persona 3 Portable, which we talked about below, why not follow up with Persona 4 Golden ? Like its predecessor, the Atlus title will benefit both additional features around difficulty levels, save system and subtitles. For role-playing game lovers, this year 2023 is off to a fast start, but it’s not just “Persona”, equipment management, turn-based combat and the usual J-RPG mechanics. In this sequel, and as tradition dictates, we find out a new cast of characters — who we will meet and they themselves will meet through a scenario in the form of visual novel — and we leave the shores of the previous episode for the rural land of Inaba, sublimated by modern graphics, where every cloudy night means murder, which “Shadows” does again. In this new section, the license people continued to explore psychological themes: then Personality 3 interested in the theme of death, Persona 4 Golden, he focuses more on the topic of self-acceptance. Moreover, to get the most out of the story and the scenario, this release has an “Album” section where you can replay certain dialogues and discover what other options are hiding.

Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

For more than 30 years, the franchise Fire emblem never ceases to shine in the tactical counterpart of Japanese role-playing games and, with it nintendo-switch, the Japanese giant continues to maintain its brilliance. A few months after the release of the spin-off Warrior: Three Housesthe license is back with Engaged, which was formalized in September. Unlike the episode Three Housesreleased in July 2019, we focus here on strange scenario carried by Alear’s character, a mysterious member of a royal family awakened after years of slumber on the continent of Elyos, once again threatened by the Fallen Dragon. Just like a thousand years ago, a new great war is brewing and Alear has to tap into a strange power… capable of bringing, through a system of rings, some of the franchise’s most iconic heroes back to the battlefield. ! If everyone enjoyed this episode, Fire emblemplaying it” Rings of Power “, trying to catch the eye of the great license enthusiasts. When the game is in their hands, they will therefore not be surprised to find the traditional turn-based tactical combat system on a checkerboard map. Here it is decorated with beautiful visual transitions between different stages and is sublimated through the mechanics of Emblems where young Alear can bond with the franchise’s iconic heroes in expand your set of skills, and even merge them ! At the moment, communication around the game is mainly focused on the allies of our young hero and the additional content that will punctuate the game’s follow-up, but for Switch players, RPG fans, this smells like a safe bet!

get up

Nintendo Switch: 5 games to watch in January 2023

Finally, this month, it’s not just the legend’s old opus people which offers an unexpected return to Nintendo’s portable console. From the height of his thirteen years, the first episode of the Risen franchise follows the trend and returns to the front of the stage in the hope of attracting the most nostalgic and neophytes who had long heard of his splendid success at computer without having a chance to lay their hands on it. Failure to offer a new phase – the license has been dormant for more than eight years –, get up offers a small return to the source thanks to this multiplatform port. There is no major revolution in sight, apart from a simple transposition of the version of its time – which nevertheless offers a modernized interface and smooth performance — for a real Madeleine de Proust effect for those who will crack a second time, enthusiastic about the idea of ​​re-stepping on the volcanic island of Faranga. In these imaginary lands, inspired by Sicilian landscapes, Risen replays the myth of the amnesiac hero who must explore the caves and ancient dungeons that mysteriously appear in Faranga. Admittedly, the graphics may look a little dated but, put into context, this open-world role-playing game is often recognized for the richness of its universe, mixing Inquisition, rebellion and mysticism, as well as for its many adventures. However, the best thing is the atmosphere that comes from the island, even if it is full of creatures that may seem very dangerous to you at first. But as the battles go on, as its title suggests, Risen will definitely make you feel the sensation of rising!

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