Prince Harry’s explosive memoir hits bookstores

While the British press widely relayed sensational extracts, the memoirs of the Duke of Sussex were officially released on Tuesday.


Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, which makes many revelations about the British royal family, was released in bookstores on Tuesday. (pictured)

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VS’is one of the UK’s most anticipated books of the year. The memoirs of Prince Harry, whose most explosive passages against the British royal family were widely fanned in the media, landed on the shelves of British bookstores on Tuesday January 10. In the country, the first copies of the book are had to be sold after midnight at the few retailers that stayed open for the occasion. Some brands offer it at half price (14 pounds sterling, or 15.90 euros, instead of 28 pounds).

In English, the book appears in the United Kingdom, but also in the United States, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Canada. It has also been published in 15 other languages. It has been placed on their shelves by mistake for several hours Thursday in bookstores in Spain. Divisions within the British royalty emerged there, confronting this planet-influenced institution with a deep crisis barely four months after the death of the very popular Elizabeth II.

We already know that William, the heir to the throne, his “beloved brother and sworn enemy”, is his main target. But King Charles III, head of state of 15 countries who will be crowned on May 6, did not survive either. Like Kate, William’s wife, and Camilla, the queen consort. The 38-year-old prince gave several television interviews to promote and defend his book, from California where he landed in 2020 with his wife Meghan.

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“An olive branch” extended to the royal family

Why expose yourself like this three years after distancing yourself from the British monarchy? “After 38 years of seeing my story told by so many people with deliberate distortions and manipulations, it felt like the right time to give my story back,” he explained on Wednesday night to the British channel ITV. But nothing was “done with intent to hurt or injure” her father Charles III, her brother William or her family.

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The prince showed a desire to reconcile with his family. But on the American channel CBS, she admitted that she and William are not currently on speaking terms and that “they have not been in contact with his father for a long time”. Buckingham Palace had no reaction to the prince’s remarks. The Sunday Times those close to Prince William were quoted as saying he was “sad”, “burning inside”, but “remaining quiet for the sake of his family and the country”.

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In a key moment on ITV, Harry denied accusing the royal family of racism, when he said in March 2021 on US television that a family member had questioned the color of his skin. unborn child, because his wife is of mixed race. This interview reignited a lively debate in the United Kingdom about racism. The British press, mostly very hostile to “Sussex”, believed to see “an olive branch” extended to the royal family, but for the newspapers the damage had already been done.

Record unpopularity

In his book, Harry accused William of running him down during an argument in 2019 about Meghan, whom Harry married last year. He also accused his brother and his wife Kate of having “stereotypes” of Meghan, a mixed-race American actress, which “created an obstacle” to welcome her into the family.

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Also notable was Harry’s attack on his father’s wife, Camilla, who is now the queen consort, claiming that some details of private conversations published in the media “may have been leaked” by her. . Despite heavy promotion in the days leading up to its broadcast, the ITV interview was watched by 4.1 million viewers, double that of the BBC broadcasting a series.

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The British seem tired of Harry and Meghan, who have been all over the media for weeks. Their unpopularity reached a record high. According to a YouGov poll, 64% of Britons have a negative image of Harry.

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