PS5s break in upright position: Bad Sony design or human error?

News JVTech PS5s break in upright position: Bad Sony design or human error?

A few days ago we talked about the risk of damage to PS5s in an upright position. The topic has generated a lot of debate and if the information in the first article is still correct, clarifications and new information need to be added.

As a reminder, a French console repairer under the nickname “Consoles System” on Twitter exposed the “liquid metal” type coolant leak, causing malfunctions, or even the complete destruction of the PS5. This problem exists and there is no debate on the subject.

The topic has long been known in the repair community, but relatively little to the general public. This general exposure made it possible to expose a real dysfunction. The goal is not to put the blame on Sony, the repairers or the user, but to understand how this can happen to avoid facing a breakdown.

The general argument we see is that after 2 years many people are completely problem free. So no problem. On the contrary, others will have many people around them who have suffered an injury and think that it is a general thing. The two points of view must be nuanced. On the one hand, it is really a minority of consoles that face this failure and moreover the console only exists for two years. So we’re just starting to pull back. Not to mention that Sony has made improvements, especially in terms of cooling during these two years.

3 Causes of PS5 Crashes

first article
, we focused on a potential design issue on Sony’s part. While this is still part of speculation, there are other things that can cause liquid metal to leak.

It should be made clear that this is not a problem that comes out of the PS5 box. People who experience damage have had their console for months or even years and use it regularly. It is important to specify this, because on the Internet we read that the malfunction appeared right out of the box, which fortunately does not seem to be true. On the other hand, we can put forward three hypotheses:

  • Sony design error: it can be a question of a bad choice in the materials of the tank that holds the liquid metal or an inadequate size. It could also be the wrong amount of liquid metal applied by robots during assembly. Due to the improvements made by Sony over the years, you’d think the problem would have been spotted and fixed by sony. Of course, this remains hypothetical.
  • Human error: We don’t talk enough about the fact that the PS5 could have a shock that caused the liquid metal to move. The responsibility thus falls on the user, especially for a home console that is not made to move regularly.
  • The error of independent repairers: for those who want the console fixed quickly or out of warranty, this is the preferred solution. In this case, it is possible that during the reunion, the professional made a mistake. But we can also go further and imagine that the console cannot be regenerated in its original state. At this point, this is yet another design and fixability error on Sony’s part.

PS5 standings over?

After laying out the most plausible hypotheses, you have to ask yourself if the rate of malfunctions is “normal” for a high-tech product. To this question, we have no answer, although there seems to be no more feedback than previous consoles. But again, it is difficult to have the necessary distance for this moment. Many PS5s on the market are less than a year old and have different generations and cooling architectures.

On the other hand, in the question of whether you should put your PS5 upright, this is your only choice. The risk that there is a problem if your console has not been shocked and not repaired is still very low. If you’re short on horizontal space, place your PS5 vertically. If not, don’t take the risk and let him lie down.

Sony has yet to address the subject of liquid metal that can flow.

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