Renault Mégane RS Ultime: “The End” for sports sedans

It’s over for the Renault Mégane RS, to understand that the manufacturer with a diamond is putting a definitive end to its production. 20 years after the launch of the Mégane II RS, the Mégane IV RS Ultime closes a chapter that can be described as “thermal sportiness”. In fact, the ecological penalty “killed” the most efficient Mégane. Today, of course, Renault is committed to its 100% electric future. 1,976 copies of this ultimate Renault Mégane RS will be made, and not one more.

The Renault Mégane RS Ultime is based on the Mégane RS Trophy. The latest Mégane RS therefore has a Cup chassis. Before returning to the mechanical characteristics of this final Renault Mégane RS, let’s present its exclusive style. From now on, it is the Alpine brand that carries the sporting ambitions for the Renault Group. An Alpine A110 R Le Mans is expected in the coming weeks.

The bodywork of the Renault Mégane RS Ultime displays exclusive decorations. The latter, black in color, took the diamond dear to the French car manufacturer. Added to this are wider wings of 60 mm and 45 mm, respectively for the front and rear of the sporty compact. Side vents can also be found behind the front fenders, as extractors. This genuine Renault Mégane RS is also equipped with RS Vision optics.

Renault Megane RS Ultimate

To celebrate the end of the Mégane RS, Renault also offers black or gloss black treatments for various elements of the RS Ultime, the main ones being: logo, 19-inch “Fuji Light” rims , frame the side glass surfaces. , rear diffuser, front blade, door handles. As for the Brembo brake calipers, they are red.

Renault Megane RS Ultimate

It should be noted, and this is far from being a detail, that the Renault Mégane RS Ultime can be ordered in a choice of 4 colors: “White Pearl”, “Yellow Sirius”, Orange Tonic” and “Black Star”.

Let’s go inside the cabin of this superb Renault Mégane RS Ultime to discover its main exclusive features. Recaro bucket seats covered in black Alcantara are standard while a numbered license plate can be found on the center console. This plate, moreover, is signed by Laurent Hurgon, the driver and developer of the Renault Group.

Laurent Hurgon presents the Mégane RS Ultime:

“The Mégane RS represents 15 years of my work at Renault Sport. Since phase 2 of the Mégane II, we have continuously improved its dynamic performance to remain at the forefront of sports traction. The records on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring are not unforgettable challenges, full of passion, adrenaline and emotions. And now, Mégane RS Ultime… I am especially proud that the version that symbolizes the end of this wonderful epic can accept my signature. »

Come see what’s hidden under the hood and the body of this Renault Mégane RS Ultime. As mentioned above, the sports sedan is therefore equipped with a Cup chassis but, of course, not only that, the 4Control system with 4 steering wheels that offers maximum dynamism in the Mégane RS Ultime is also included in the Mégane. RS Ultimate.

Renault Megane RS Ultimate

In terms of engines, the Mégane RS Ultime features a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder turbo that maintains 300 hp for a torque of 420 Nm, all sent to the front wheels via an EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox (6 speed). . The Torsen mechanical differential is also part of the equipment of this Mégane RS Ultime. The Renault Mégane RS Ultime is also equipped with tires taken, this time, from the Mégane RS Trophy-R, namely Bridgestone Potenza S007 semi-slick rubbers.

In terms of performance, they are logically identical to the Mégane RS Trophy with 0 to 100 km/h achieved in 5.7 s. Something to entertain during the private drives arranged on the circuit, representing the spirit of the Renault Mégane RS Ultime.

Finally, the Renault Mégane RS Ultime will go on sale in the spring of 2023 at an as yet unknown price. However, we can estimate that it will be necessary to pay more than 50,000 € to pay for the latest Mégane RS in history, without forgetting to add to this sum the ecological penalty.


Photos: Renault

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