The cultural options of “Point”: investigate with Tomer Sisley or find the holy Monk

Find the holy Monk

Ihe looks across the screen, intense gaze, gentle smile, he’s just arrived in Paris with his wife Nellie, after a three-week European tour, and here he is ready to shoot the show. jazz photo, where invited Henri Renaud (1925-2002), French jazz pianist known to Thelonious Monk (1917-1982) but not so much the profession of journalist…

This is the least we can say by looking at this montage of show rushes recorded in December 1969 and broadcast the following year, when Monk stopped playing, locking up his friend Pannonica. These two hours from start to finish were sent by INA to the Franco-Senegalese director Alain Gomis, who is working on a fiction about the genius pianist, at the same time as the last broadcast. What a gift!

So much so that the filmmaker of I congratulate you made it an unusual documentary. Pearls, these unpublished images, yes, because we can admire, suffocated by his playing, the giant improvising in his legendary piece “Round Midnight”, after “Crepuscule with Nellie” and before the last tempo he offers his quasi -executioners, “Epistrophy”…

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Because, in this studio, a few hours before his evening concert in Paris, the enormous Monk could hardly be better considered than a puppet, answering all the demands of a poor, indifferent team , speaking French behind his back, making him wait mercilessly. , repeat things ten times over, insulting him when he is unkind to France, who gave him the cover of jazz-magazine in 1954 but was underpaid. He was not yet the star of international tours, his music was disturbing…

The poor interviewer does not think that he is doing anything wrong, on the contrary, but it becomes torture for the Monk, who, however, resists and retreats. Glued to his piano, to his flat playing, to his leg flicking, and Gomis plays with the images – the addictive close-ups on the beard, the sweat, the grain of the skin – that come back on a loop, as it is for us to revisit, and, in the midst of this worrisome spiral of contempt for the master, all the gold of jazz is given to his supreme magic.

Rewind and Play by Alain Gomis (Germany, France, 2022), 65 minutes, indoors.

Remembering with Philippe Besson

Soon brought to the screen by the director Olivier Peyon – especially Victor Belmondo, son of Paul -, the intimate story of Philippe Besson stop your lies (Julliard, 2017) is well adapted for theater. This tragic love story, which runs for over thirty years, between 1984 and 2016, is not easy to stage.
Angélique Clairand and Éric Massé acquitted themselves by entrusting the role of the main character to two different actors. Raphaël Defour features the adult writer recalling an important story from his high school years; Mariochka lent him her features when she was 17 years old. In Barbezieux (Charente), where Philippe Besson is still a teenager, an encounter turns his life upside down: the life of Thomas (finely played by Étienne Galharague).

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This farmer’s son, who does not assume his homosexuality, will be the novelist’s first great love. This will also, and above all, make him aware of the violence that is present in his inability to imagine himself as gay in a rural environment. The idyll of the two men, who lived in secret, will turn into drama really quickly. A show of great finesse that mixes music and video… and plays the ellipsis card to suggest the indelible imprint of memory.

stop your lies by Philippe Besson, directed by Angélique Clairand and Éric Massé, with Raphaël Defour, Mariochka, Étienne Galharague, at the Théâtre de la Tempête until February 5.

Investigate with Tomer Sisley

It’s 2025. Ludo (Tomer Sisley) is investigating the death of a young woman whose body was found on a beach in Brittany. It turns out that his partner Mélanie (Camille Claris) was murdered in the same place in 1998, just days after the French team won the World Cup. But, thanks to a mysterious vortex, he suddenly finds himself offered the chance to save her… even if it means disrupting the course of his own life and losing, in this dangerous undertaking, the his new wife, Parvana (Zineb Triki, seen in The Office of Legends) and his son Sam (Maxime Gueguen).READ ALSO “Vortex”: the reasons for a… amazing success!

With this original idea by Franck Thilliez, France 2 has developed an addictive series that, for once, brilliantly manages to play the fantastic touches of its plot, without killing all the melody . This race against death, carried by the brilliant script of Camille Couasse and Sarah Farkas, keeps the viewer engaged from beginning to end. Feel free to dive into this thriller with no downtime…

Vortex, series written and designed by Camille Couasse and Sarah Farkas from an original concept by Franck Thilliez, directed by Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, with Tomer Sisley, Camille Claris, Zineb Triki, Éric Pucheu… (6 x 52 minutes, 2022) Monday 9 January at 9:10 pm on France 2 and in full on

Read in Le Havre

How not to have a “taste of others” in a city like Le Havre, located facing the Atlantic Ocean, open to the whole world? From January 19 to 22, 2023, the literary festival that bears this great name, and celebrates its twelfth edition this year, offers a panel of prestigious guests: Brigitte Giraud, Prix Goncourt 2022, Amélie Nothomb and the his sister Juliette, Laurent Gaudé, Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam, Lucas Belvaux… And wonderful new voices: Emma Becker, Diaty Diallo, Simon Johannin… For foreigners, the menu is just as good: to be greeted by “ Le Goût des autres” the charming Argentine Mariana Enriquez, the very Scottish pop. Douglas Stuart and American Lionel Shriver, author of the best seller We need to talk about Kevin (I read, 2008).

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The light will fall especially in the city of Beirut, where it is possible to walk with the writers Dan Nisand, Diane Mazloum, Sélim Nassib and Sabyl Ghoussoub. This year, the authors are grouped together on the theme of “gangs”. Counting on one to give your creativity, strengthen your imagination, develop your sensitivity: the festival highlights groups and literary currents (OuLiPo, Beat Generation) and offers space for dialogue between texts and music. Do not miss the official opening, a reading of Correspondents, work for two voices, by Ben Mazué and Grand Corps Malade, nor the fence, with Laetitia Casta, alone on stage, in the play Clara Haskil, prelude and fugue by Serge Kribus (L’Avant-scène Théâtre, 2019). Meetings, readings, concerts, debates: where else but in Le Havre to celebrate the taste of others… and of books?

“The Taste of Others” literary festival, from January 19 to 22, 2023, Le Havre, information and assistance: 06 37 53 30 99 and

Immerse yourself in sound with Ircam

Closed for eight years for works, the projection space (Espro) of Ircam (Institute for research and acoustic/music coordination) of the Center Pompidou reopens its doors for a long festive weekend, from January 12 to 17, combining concerts and open houses, which bodes well for a season rich in events. Designed by Pierre Boulez, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, this room, sixteen meters underground, is the heart of the institute and offers a different way of perceiving sound.

With its 171 rotating panels and its 339 loudspeakers, Espro offers fully modular acoustics. On Saturday January 14, at 6 pm and 8 pm, a concert, (more) OXYMORE, around the eponymous album by Jean-Michel Jarre, will be played in 360 audio mixing for total immersion and an innovative experience .

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IRCAM is also taking advantage of this new impetus to present its research work and its various applications in everyday life to the public. Thus, the workshops, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, offer to introduce children to the way voices are created in video games, or the elderly to relearn music.

“Celebrating Ircam”, 1, place Igor-Stravinsky, Paris 4efrom January 12 to 17, 2023.

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