when autistic students open up to the world of robotics

Launched by the provincial directorate of National Education, preschool and sports in Tetouan, the program “Rob’Autisme” aims to discover the talents of robotics and programming in autistic children in the classrooms of all schools in the province, all of cycles are combined (primary, secondary college and qualified secondary).

In the primary school of Moulay El Hassan, this program was officially launched on Tuesday, which aims to allow children with disabilities to benefit from all the programs and projects intended for “normal” students, and to carry out a normal school life, which will help them discover their talents, develop their skills and strengthen their social integration.

The provincial director of National Education in Tetouan, Fouad Rouadi, emphasized that this program is part of a series of events for the benefit of students with special needs, aimed at implementing the protocol of inclusive education. in Tetouan.

In Tetouan province, approximately 1,415 students with disabilities continue their education, 70% of whom are enrolled in primary education.

In this context, a reference protocol for strengthening the transversality of educational, qualification and health services for the benefit of children with disabilities at the provincial level was implemented in a participatory manner, under the supervision of the province of Tetouan, in collaboration with government sectors, to strengthen cross-functionality between different stakeholders in the field of inclusive education and to unify their efforts.

The official pointed out that the “Rob’Autisme” program is intended for autistic children in all schools in the province, all cycles combined, and noted that it aims to “discover the talents of these children in field of programming and robotics, to facilitate their integration in school and professional life.

This program opens the door for children with autism to the world of programming and technology, as a way to stimulate student creativity and strengthen communication among group members.

It was implemented in coordination with the technology teaching team at the provincial level. Technology teachers work with great creativity and dedication to adapt curricula to simplify the principles of programming and robotics for the benefit of students with autism.

For her part, Hamida Meftahi, pedagogical inspector in engineering sciences and in charge of technology in the provincial directorate, said that the program “Rob’Autisme” aims to discover the technological talents of autistic children in the province of Tetouan . , and to see kids interested in the field of robotics and programming.

This program will stop in all the schools of the province, to train a homogeneous group of students who love programming and robotics.

The manager specified that technology teachers will work with autistic students who want to learn the principles of programming and robotics, with the aim of participating in the 2nd edition of the provincial technology and robotics fair, which will be held on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2).

The “Rob’Autisme” program is part of the implementation of the provisions of the framework law 17-51 related to the system of education, training and scientific research, in particular project 4 aimed at promoting the education of children with disabilities or in specific situations. .

On the sideline of the launch of this program, the third inclusive education center was inaugurated at the level of the provincial management of Tetouan, with the aim of bringing together qualification and support services for children with disabilities. in all areas of the city.

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