Will the 600 Lot apprentice bear the weight of the State’s decision?

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Following the state’s announcements on apprenticeships, the Lot chamber of trades is torn between relief and concern.

The State aims to reach one million apprentices by 2027, so it just announced the renewal of its aid to companies that sign a contract with an apprentice. This system that was set up in 2020, the year of covid, was changed down from 8000 to 6000€. Reactions from François Breil, president of the Lot chamber of trades.

What do you think of this government’s decision?

It is a positive point to renew this aid to companies that invest in the training of young people. But what happens after 2027? In addition, the loss of €2,000 in aid is not significant in the current context. We must allow artisans and local businesses to continue to support young people, so this help is important.

Is a deduction of €2,000 likely to affect learning?

Obviously, these risks hinder the commitment of companies in this direction. But the risk we fear most in the face of economic players’ difficulties is the breach of contract, the termination of promises made. Especially in the food chain.
If the situation and the outlook are favorable, it is not 2000€ less that can cause a problem.

How are numbers changing at Lot trades school?

As of 2019, we have between 550 and 600 registered. They are divided into different sectors as follows: 38% building, 30% in services and mechanics, 17% in manufacturing and 15% in food. We want to improve these numbers even more.
We also have 34 adults studying professional retraining at the Competence Center and we are thinking about increasing our capacity, by considering à la carte training to suit the needs of companies.

“There will remain a hundred business offers to fill”

Has apprenticeship regained its former glory?

Yes, although we are still hoping for more apprentices and more enthusiasm among young people for the craft trades. Clearly, we currently do not have enough young people to meet the demands of companies. A hundred offers from companies still have to be filled.
On the other hand, by the end of the year, we fear that this trend will reverse, with more young people waiting for an apprenticeship contract and fewer companies responding to them.

the business school is involved in many initiatives, such as taste week.
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What initiatives to promote this area of ​​practice?

In collaboration with National Education, we go to colleges to present our professions. We welcome young people on open days. They will take place on February 1 as part of National Automobile and Mobility Week. Then on March 22, March 25 and June 24. We will participate in events such as the Salon du chocolat in Figeac, on January 28 and 29.

What projects in 2023?

The works for this moment are done. The training restaurant has been welcoming the public for lunch since January. And then, we have plans to open sections… But it’s too early to talk about it.
Then, we will work to facilitate the movement of young people in the Lot, with the support of the departmental council. With the boarding school and its 70 places, we provide accommodation for our students in Cahors. But he was a victim of his own success and he was fed up. We favor places for minors and we consider additional accommodation solutions for the elderly, especially the hostel-youth hostel.

Great initiatives in 2023!

Through the Paul Bocuse Foundation, middle school students from 6th to 3rd grade can participate in gastronomy discovery workshops led by a chef, at the vocational school. They will take place in 8 sessions of 2h30, every Wednesday afternoon.

“We have been chosen this year as part of a national first to represent the mechanical sector of the Occitanie school of trades for a battle. people working on a 2CV with an electric motor”, François Breil presented.

Finally, within this mechanical sector, the apprentices return a 4L, aiming for the “4L Trophy of 2024”. The two best students in the class get to start the 4L Trophy.

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