3 books to really discover if you liked the movie

The Avatar: The Waterway experience doesn’t stop at the confines of dark rooms. To keep the fun going, here are three perfect books.

James Cameron is a visionary, no doubt. The director has built an entire world and its mythology for his Avatar saga, with unprecedented rigor on the big screen. After the first opus full of details, The Way of Water continues to explore the fauna, flora and landscape of Pandora, to the delight of viewers. But the imaginary planet is far from revealing all its secrets. Here are three essential books for fans of Avatar and James Cameron.

All art of Avatar: The Waterway and Huginn & Muninn

Published in December 2022 – 39.95 euros

Credits: Journal du Geek

Preparatory drawings, first designs and mythology, the thick volume proposed by Huginn & Muninn promises to offer you a unique dive into the universe imagined by James Cameron and his teams. Through wonderful drawings, Tara Bennet traces the beginning of The Way of Water thanks to exclusive interviews with the director.

Thus, we discover the elements, creatures and scientific concepts that inspired Cameron for this second part. For this aquatic environment, he notably drew his inspiration from the cultures of the Pacific Islands. Working in close collaboration with costumers and props designers, the filmmaker paid attention to the small details that make his second exploration of Pandora such a fascinating film. As well as being simply stunning, the thick tome is a comprehensive encyclopedia sure to find a place in your library.

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Avatar: The Waterway – The Illustrated Encyclopedia at Huginn & Muninn

Published in December 2022 – 25.90 euros

Credits: Journal du Geek

If you want to know about Pandora and its wonders, Huginn & Muninn has the perfect place. The house dedicated to works of pop culture devotes an encyclopedia to only the second part of the adventures of Jake and Ney’tiri. Through diagrams and other images, the volume dissects all the elements that make up the universe Cameron imagined decades ago.

It is also an opportunity to raise some gray areas in the customs of the new clan: the Metkayina. The five authors discuss, for example, the links they have with the oceans, the creatures that thrive with them as well as the fauna and flora that you see in the amazing underwater sequences. Thus, we discover that James Cameron has developed a whole demanding ecosystem, with particular care given to the interrelationship of these elements that may however seem anecdotal. Another opportunity to prove that when it comes to immersing the audience, James Cameron is a bona fide worker.

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Avatar: The Pandora Guide to Qilinn

Published in September 2022 – 19.95 euros

The Pandora Guide
Credits: Journal du Geek

We end with a guide to Pandora, which includes all the elements mentioned in the first movie. Geology of the planet, creatures and plants, no detail left out. Here, the creative aspect is approached less than the director’s scientific approach. Thus, we learn the secrets of the luminescent flora, the reliefs of the planet as well as the rituals and ceremonies of the Na’vi society.

With a foreword by Zoe Zaldana and an introduction by Jon Landau, The Pandora Guide is full of anecdotes and information that will make you look at movies differently. This is again a golden opportunity to extend the experience. Before or after a session, faithful viewers will find the answer to all their questions and maybe even pick up here and there clues to the continuation of Jake and Neytiri’s adventure.

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Note that five opus are in the program for the next few years, all of them should be released within two years. The third film was shot as well as some scenes from the fourth. If the latter is not certain so far, the box office performance of The Method of L‘water must convince Disney to return the cap. Cameron, in any case, is quite confident on this topic, with 1.7 billion dollars in income, it’s hard to disagree. License Avatar the last word has not been said.

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