A book, a coffee and good humor in the literary café of the Tonnerre media library

Almost as crowded as the books on the shelves of a library, about twenty people took part on Saturday morning in the first literary café of the year at the Ernest-Coeurderoy media library in Tonnerre. A moment that became an institution.

Every first Saturday of the month, the story is the same. A book, coffee, some cake, all washed down with a dose of friendliness and good humor. A recipe that worked for ten years, launched then by Marie-Christine Beccavin, the director, and taken over by Patricia Piquet, the librarian in charge of the adult center.

“A moment of joy and exchange”

Some have been there since the beginning, like Mireille and Alain. “It’s a moment of fun and exchange, insists the first. It’s a way to get out of loneliness and meet other people.” “It is friendly, beautiful, and very lively”, says the second who pushes the refinement to note, in a notebook, the books read, his feelings, and the general trend that appears in each book.

The principle is quite simple. At the end of each session, a new book is chosen for the following month. The selection is very eclectic. There are thrillers, French literature, but also foreign. The only condition to get to the table of the literary café: the book must be released in a pocket format so that everyone can get it at a lower cost. As of 2022, seven French, two English and two Canadian novels have been witnessed by these diligent readers. Patricia Piquet makes proposals, but some participants also go there from their heart.

This Saturday, January 7, 2023, Tsubaki Stationery of Ito Oghawa is at the heart of the debates. A book suggested last month by Jack. A choice that doesn’t matter in the midst of vows. In fact, Hatoko, the heroine of the book, takes her first steps as a public writer and she pays attention to each of her letters, between the choice of words, but also the calligraphy , paper, ink, envelope, stamp.

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The color of the MJC du Tonnerrois returned after the health crisis

The debate over the status of women in Japan continued. A total immersion in Japanese culture that several participants enjoyed. Others are less so. “I quickly understood that this book was not for me”, let Alain who did not finish the work.

The tastes, expectations, desires and feelings of the participants in literature are different. “That’s the beauty and strength of this literary café,” said the librarian. At the beginning of December, the book year by Annie Ernaux sparked heated debate. “A very divisive moment.” But in the end, everyone makes coffee or tea.


Convenient. In addition to the literary café, one dedicated to music and another to comics are also offered every Saturday from 10 am. Information:

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