Allier: “a strong culture of unity and collective success”

It was in the prefecture, in Moulins, that the prefect of Allier, Valérie Hatsch received more than two hundred people representing the “living forces” of the Bourbonnais.

Measures to deal with the energy crisis
A speech introduced by the representative of the State through the international context and its impact on the daily life of the French and, in particular, of the inhabitants of Allier: “True to his republican humanist tradition , the Allier department responded by welcoming Ukrainian families displaced by the war. Its residents opened their doors but also their hearts by welcoming, housing, and educating these families for twelve- dozen, when they were in dire straits”. Valérie Hatsch insists on the fact that this conflict, at the gates of Europe, is largely responsible for the energy crisis we are experiencing through rising gas and electricity prices : “In all the municipalities I visit, when I go to meet the merchants, farmers and business leaders but also the local communities t Like the public administrations of the department, I feel the same concern, palpable and immediate, about these additional costs”. The prefect, who wants to be reassured by indicating that the State and its various services continue to be on the side of the mayors, listening to them and in their ability to “implement all mitigation programs, reduction and amortization currently being done. put in place” while adding that “all the systems put in place may seem technical and complicated. They are certainly not complete and may not yet address all situations, but the government is currently working to correct and extend them. We must seize it without delay”.

The released climate
The prefect of Allier also returned to the climatic events which, on several occasions, struck the territory of Allier with great violence. First, hail storms severely damaged homes, buildings, vehicles and crops in the Vichy sector but also in the east of the department. Agriculture, particularly concerned, having also suffered the pain of drought in the spring and late summer.

Bird flu has been identified
Agricultural work, the important economy of the department of Allier, is now the target of avian influenza, where several infected birds have been identified.

A threat of power outage receding
If it has been “pressing this fall, now it seems, every day, to go away. Citizen mobilization with individual and collective eco-gesture is yielding with a spectacular reduction in the electricity consumption of households , business and community” which Valérie Hatsch welcomes while adding that “the pendulum of energy prices is now back in the right direction. The price of electricity will be revised downwards in the year 2023 as new energy sources are mobilized by the government but also as the restart of nuclear power stations takes place, allowing electricity to be available at lower prices”.

Green Fund: two billion euros in credits
The prefect of Allier took the opportunity to highlight the green fund set up by the State: “It is an unprecedented system for accelerating the ecological transition in the territories that will help communities to strengthen their environmental performance, adapt their territory to climate change and improve their living environment”. A fund granted two billion euros in decentralized credits to prefects for the financing of projects presented by local authorities and their public or private partners that will be effective from the beginning of this year.

Decrease in unemployment
A diverse situation that shows “a clear and continuous improvement” and an unemployment rate that “has never been so low in the department” refers to Valérie Hatsch. This observation is accompanied by a lack of manpower in several professional sectors:
“This is a real problem but which reflects, implicitly, a positive trend” completed the prefect while adding that “here again, the State is thinking of new systems to strengthen support for people who experience particular difficulties for their lives. ‘enter the labor market, especially in terms of mobility’.

Opening and securing roads
A year 2022 that will be a milestone with the commissioning, last autumn, of the A79 motorway, formerly RCEA, now called “La Bourbonnaise”.
The development of a strategic axis, a factor in the economic development of the territory, combined with those in the RN7 and North-West bypass of Vichy. The prefect who does not forget any of “the modernization of the rail links that we must ensure now”.

The Bourbonnais, land of Lithium
This is undoubtedly the most important industry discovery of the year!
The presence of lithium in the middle of the basement of the municipality of Echassières constitutes “a major deadline for the department. Its completion in production expected for 2028 will be a decisive asset for the department”, welcomed the prefect, while underlines the fact that “the State services are committed to ensuring that this project can be carried out with respect to the most demanding environmental regulations. This strategic project for the technological sovereignty of our country and Europe is likely to trigger a good dynamic for all transport infrastructures.

More security…
The prefect of Allier also supported his determination to fight crime and prevent public order disturbances that he wants to strengthen “even if crime is less present than in other territories, he called for a firm response and, if necessary, a reorientation of our priorities and security procedures. The government’s objective is clear: to double the effective presence of law enforcement on the ground and, if necessary, to create new gendarmerie brigades”. Valérie Hatsch who wishes to mobilize FIPD credits “to support any device participating in this fight and the welfare of our countrymen.”

… Nearer
2022 also means the creation of France Services houses in each canton: “In Allier, the rapid establishment of this territorial network has been made possible thanks to an excellent collaboration with La Poste, the nine main services that the public finances and local elected officials”.
Today, the department has 21 structures that allow every resident to have access within thirty minutes of their home. Municipalities have come back to life thanks to the “Action heart of the city”, “Small towns of tomorrow” programs, territorial recovery and ecological transition contracts and the “Rural Agenda”. Device complementarity
“revitalization of the town center town center” by the Allier Departmental Council.

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