Millau: La Fabrick, a unique place of culture

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In a former tannery in Millau, La Fabrick is a place known for theatrical craftsmanship that hosts the Création Éphémère company, where artists with mental disabilities are acclaimed actors.

“Making theater is the most superficial, the most useless thing in the world and suddenly we want to do it perfectly”. La Fabrick in Millau adopted this reflection of the playwright Bernard-Marie Koltes.

Everything in this former Millavoise tannery exudes a difference with a violent inability to define it.

The walls are raw, painted with fantastic animals, symbols, sometimes covered with hundreds of faces like polaroids abandoned in an improbable game of mirrors.

The front door of La Fabrick opens and closes regularly, people come in, smiling, happy, coming to work on texts, thinking about the beaming faces of the spectators looking at them.

“An actor must know his text. He must make himself heard. He must know how to make himself understood”, recalls a reminder paper at the door of the theater highlighting the actor’s three priorities.

A passage

The founding fathers of the area, Philippe Flahaut and his friend Michel Génniaux (recently deceased) followed a path without giving it direction. They let the seeds of everything take root there.

Exceptional as the next artistic meeting that Fabrick is preparing. Here everything is mastery in improvisation. And, if La Fabrick with his company Ephemeral Creation left the paths of discoveries, they would not be lost. Philippe Flahaut knows that creation is a difference, a treasure. He learned to present the work in a proper presentation. Even better, at La Fabrick, Éphémère actors are united in equal pay. A large part was made for the inclusion of artists with mental disabilities. They were trained in acting, coming from all over France. They are members of shows where their creative side shines through the texts. Philippe Flahaut and Michel Génniaux want to go where we don’t expect. They suggested a way of life to many artists.

Today, Kévin and Vincent, permanent staff at La Fabrick, maintain this cultural and intellectual transmission.


“La Fabrick was born in 1986. He made a Millavoise tannery his home”. We will say a land of creations in the plural. La Fabrick lends itself to all forms of art. For his culture a word is masculine, feminine, singular, plural, without gender or boundary. We see its actors all over France. Just as Ariane Mnouchkine’s film imagined Molière. An essence that has sublimated in many actors the desire to live like these heroes of the boards. Here and there, there is no limit to the concern to convey a message to the public, to cover it, attract it, excite it, bring it on board.

The Éphémère company is in this vein. His heart beats with the blood of passion for students, middle and high school students in the region. A fleeting struggle in a sea of ​​screens, easily distracted, the theater navigates as best it can.

Clear? Not really.

Always strive for perfection. So the Ephemeral company goes to Millau.

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“What hurts the theater today is the fact that the programming of cinemas is done with a logic of financial profitability. Anything that does not fit a vision of filling the room is thrown away”, underlined the Millavois officials of Ephemeral Creations company. “This idea of ​​the risk of not being fulfilled is now everywhere with the consequence that the programmed aims to please the public. We see the appearance of self-censorship in people who are more and more cautious about the idea of ​​being responsible. for this fact, that not in the 1980s when creative freedom was pursued by easy programming in front of the public, we see people turning away from the theater. text in the small villages of Aveyron, valued by the public, debates at the end of the show. There is life, enthusiasm. We are at the heart of our profession. But for the big rooms in France, it is more difficult to start creations knowing that they will not fit into their program. All that remains is to apply for the calls for tenders offered by each region, each department. We see if the proposed theme matches our creative style. Usually there is We only have eight days to fill out the files. It doesn’t always work when we need to keep our company alive. We also intervene in the school environment to give theater and texts a place capable of attracting new audiences. At the Lycée de Millau, there is a theater section that does well. We also have a shooting in Aveyron and we will be performing on January 26 in Rodez at the MJC theater for a performance of Petit Enfer at 10.30 am and then at 2.30 pm

“We fight the absence of danger”

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