Nintendo Switch sales: one of the best games on the console is offered for the purchase of this one

The news is a good deal Nintendo Switch sales: one of the best games on the console is offered for the purchase of this one

As you know, Nintendo is a bit like Apple, in the sense that discounts are very rare, whether on hardware or games. But during this winter sales season, we’ve found a great bundle that lets you walk away with a free game for buying a Switch OLED. We will explain everything to you.

Winter sales 2023: the Switch OLED + Zelda Skyward Sword HD pack is €319

If you’re looking for a cheap video game console, the Nintendo Switch should definitely be at the top of your list, as it’s the cheapest machine on the market, the PS5 and Xbox Series being more expensive. And of the various Switch models that exist, the OLED is undoubtedly the best, because it doesn’t sacrifice the joy-cons like the Lite, and it offers a very nice screen with better colors than the first model. .

However, as we explained to you above, Nintendo products are very rarely sold at low prices, the Kyoto company does not seem to like to give discounts, a bit like Apple. Now, therefore it is a FNAC operation more than the balance of life that we will tell you. In fact, the chain of stores currently offers a game for buying an OLED Switch at its normal price, i.e. €319. For this price you leave with the machine with the white Joy-Cons, and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD (an HD remaster of the game released in 2011 on the Wii).

Note that FNAC card holders are usually entitled to additional reductions of around 5%. We put the link below to get the map. Note that the latter costs 14.99€ / year (9.99€ the first year). It’s up to you whether the take is profitable or not.

Buy the Switch OLED for €319.99 at Fnac

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Winter sales 2023: the Nintendo Switch OLED and a game offered for less than 320€

If you’re not familiar with the different versions of the Nintendo Switch, know that OLED is the best and latest. Hardware level, there is no change, and therefore the games will not run here better, unlike what we saw before between the 3DS and News 3DS for example, or with the “Pro” models from the PlayStation .

Compared to the main Switch, there are three big new features. The most important change is clearly found at the screen level, as the LCD panel has given way to an OLED screen. The latter offers the same resolution of 720p, but with a slightly larger diagonal with 7 inches diagonal against 6.2 inches in the original model, which means we will be playing with a lower definition.

However, the brightness and colorimetry characteristics of OLED more than offset this defect, and the image is generally more pleasant in this new model. Once connected to your TV, we’ll stick to 1080p, without any difference.

The second novelty concerns the arrival of an RJ45 port on the machine’s dock. This will allow you to do without Wi-Fi when playing on your TV. This is particularly useful when playing online games where you need to reduce latency, or to better enjoy games that can be played exclusively in the Cloud, such as Remedy’s Control.

Finally, the last novelty consists of a new foot with a better range of adjustment on the back of the machine, which is more practical for placing it on a table, although this is not really an argument for sale.

Buy the Switch OLED for €319.99 at Fnac

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