The Last of Us: we finally know where and when the series can be seen in France!

news culture The Last of Us: we finally know where and when the series can be seen in France!

We started to worry! Since the announcement of the withdrawal of most of the HBO series from the OCS catalog for the end of 2022, we know that the TV series adapted from The Last of Us, which arrives on January 15 in the United States, will cannot be broadcast here. form… and we still don’t know which French broadcaster will get the rights back. Fortunately, the good news just fell through!

Time flies: The Last of Us, an amazing title from the seventh generation of consoles released on the PlayStation 3, will celebrate its 10th anniversary next June. The year 2023 then the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of one of the best video games of the last decade, and it begins with a bang in the broadcast of the first season of a television series broadcast on HBO adapted from the mythical title of Naughty Dog. However, since the HBO series was pulled from the exclusive French broadcaster (OCS) two weeks before its first American broadcast, we are in total uncertainty as to the possibility of seeing The Last of Us series in France! Fortunately, the suspense has just ended.

Where and when can The Last of Us be watched in France?

The suspense is over for Joel and Ellie’s French fans: the series will be released this January.

Released in June 2013, The Last of Us was discussed a few months ago with the release of The Last of Us Part I, a complete remake for PlayStation 5, and will also be released on PC on March 3. . If there are some rumors of a delayed broadcast, possibly a few weeks after the United States, we won’t have to wait that long. before you can watch the long-awaited TV adaptation of Joel and Ellie’s legendary epic. Recently recognized by expert critics to the point of being considered the best adaptation of all time, the series The Last of Us will not be broadcast on OCS, or even on Canal + such as further speculation following the acquisition of the OCS crypto chain. It was actually Prime Video, Amazon’s video-on-demand service, that inherited the rights to broadcast the 9-episode series considered a masterpiece worthy of the legendary video game.

The other good news is about the broadcast date: although we may fear a big gap in the American date, it is quite simple. the day after The Last of Us will be available on Prime Video, and it is at no additional cost for subscribers to the Amazon service. So we will discover the adaptation of the famous American road trip of our two heroes, played by Pedro Pascal (Narcos, Mentalist) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), from Monday January 16 in France, and let’s see how faithful this project is to the original work. As a reminder, Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog studio and creator of The Last of Us license, will act as co-director with Craig Mazin (Chernobyl). The series aims to offer an adaptation that respects the original scenario, but includes unseen scenes. which will not be included in the game, and will therefore be spread over 9 episodes that will air until March 12.

What time will the series air in France?

Asked by some users of the social network, Prime Video’s Twitter account was content to answer that “each episode will be available the day after the broadcast in the USA on Prime Video” (sic). New releases generally arrive at 9 am on the SVOD platform, although there have been exceptions in the past (like The Lord of the Rings: the Rings of Power series, broadcast from 3am). The series broadcast at 9 pm in the United States (East Coast time), ie at 3 am in France, and the broadcast seems to have started out of sync, we can expect availability on Monday 4 pm in the evening on Prime Video in our region:

We only have a few days left to discover this long-awaited adaptation, available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video from January 16!

The Last of Us: we finally know where and when the series can be seen in France!

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