Top 15 movies that will be 20 years old in 2023, it’s not making us any younger

Every year, we seem to get older when we realize that such a movie or such a song has been released for a long time. This year, the movies that were released in 2003 are 20 years old and even though it wasn’t the year with the most masterpieces, you’ll still be slapped.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

This is the story of two friends who spend several months walking with Dobby and a ring. In the end, they realized that they could go there flying on eagles.

What if it was released in 2023? We must be tired of waiting for the end of the saga (and Sean Austin will only be known as the boy of goonies).

old man

This is the story of a poor man who asked nothing from anyone and took on his face all the worst misfortunes in the world.

What if it was released in 2023? It will be called very old child

Kill Bill: Volume 1

This is the story of a woman who decides to take revenge on all her old friends because they hate each other more. Even worse than Enzo in CM2.

What if it was released in 2023? We already know all the cult costumes for the next Halloween parties

Nemo’s world

It’s the story of a man who loses his son and travels hundreds of miles to find him at the dentist’s office.

What if it was released in 2023? Marin and Nemo will live in a rotting plastic container and not in a rather colorful anemone.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

It is the story of a pirate, a middle-class girl and an adopted teenager. They have a lot of adventures going on, but there are so many movies that you get a little lost.

What if it was released in 2023? We are going to cast Timothée Chalamet in the role of Jack Sparrow.

Lost in translation

A man and a woman are bored in their hotel room in Tokyo. This is probably one of the best movies where nothing happens.

What if it was released in 2023? Bill Murray may have a chance to win an Oscar.


This film tells the story of a classic day in an American high school, until the fateful moment when two teenagers cause tragedy.

What if it was released in 2023? Nothing can be changed except the haircuts.

Memories of the Killing

Like seven but better.

What if it was released in 2023? It’s still better than Seven, the world’s most overrated movie.

Love Actually

Love Actuallyit’s a romantic Christmas movie with the most bankable British actors of the 90s. And a dancing minister.

What if it was released in 2023? Liam Neeson’s son will text his way instead of bypassing airport security.

Children’s games

Two friends make foolish bets throughout their lives until they fall in love and become very sad.

What if it was released in 2023? Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard wouldn’t have gotten together and we wouldn’t have had a French Brangelina.

Mighty Bruce

Jim Carrey replaced Morgan Freeman to play the role of God, one hell of a handover.

What if it was released in 2023? Lately, Jim Carrey has been considered a God.

Johnny English

We can summarize this cult film in one sentence: What if Mister Bean became a secret agent?

What if it was released in 2023? We will ask for it again and again. Rowan Atkinson, please take over the role (yes, he often reads Topito in the bathroom).

But who killed Pamela Rose?

Fifteen actors who later became very famous and two actresses who only star in this film meet in a cult comedy.

What if it was released in 2023? There will be less hair on all skulls.

Shut up !

Two men who are complete opposites meet in prison and go on crazy adventures. As usual, Jean Reno plays a man who doesn’t speak and gets irritated quickly; Everything we love.

What if it was released in 2023? Quentin will come from Moscow and not Montargis. And he will speak in Russian with subtitles, it sucks.

I am César, 10 ½ years old, 1m39

We follow the story of César, a boy with a not-so-good father and a best friend who picks up his crush. The best movie to watch in the 2000s.

What if it was released in 2023? There are children from Stranger Things instead of Jules Sitruk, our French Macaulay Culkin.

growing old. And it’s hard to think that the movie is next year Naughty girls who will be 20 years old…

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