TOP 5 of the best online Roulette games (€300 bonus)

Among the most popular casino games, we find the famous roulette. Who has never dreamed of placing their bet and seeing the little ball land on the color or number of our choice. This is one of the great classics of casinos and it is no surprise that we have found roulette as one of the main attractions online casinos. But among all these platforms that offer games, how to navigate to choose? Here is a small article to help you make your choice.

online roulette

Online roulette is a popular game that consists of placing a bet on a color or on a number for the bolder. Then, the croupier or the machine spins the wheel and we wait to see where the little white ball lands. By choosing a number, the gains are greater than if you just choose a color. In this case, the gain is reduced, but you have a better chance to win, because there are many black squares with red ones. It’s 1 out of 2. It’s a game that relies heavily on luck and you always have to be careful not to get too carried away.

The best online casino

Most online casinos offer online roulette to try your hand. It is an irreplaceable classic. If most of the interfaces are similar, however, there are some differences to consider depending on the casinos.

The Return to Player Rate for Online Roulette

The return to player rate (TRJ) is one of the first aspects we consider when choosing your casino. In fact, it is simply the percentage of winnings that is taken into account according to the bets given by the players. By choosing sites with the highest TRJ, you put all your chances on your side. All online casino sites do not indicate TRJ or only for certain games. It is up to you to see if it meets your expectations. You can also read customer reviews to get an idea.


With so many online casino options, the choice often comes down to choosing a site that communicates with you graphically. In fact, the game mainly a game. Of course, you want to make money, but it’s better if you also have fun with it. To do this, choose a site you like with an interface that suits you. Some online casinos offer online roulette with relatively sober decor while others present casino roulette with flashy colors and lots of visual distractions. There is something for every taste!

online casino reputation

Of course, it is logical to choose the casino that accepts the most people. However the popularity of a game such as casino roulette may hinder its proper functioning. If you have too many users at the same time, you will not enjoy the optimal conditions for gaming. So, it is also necessary to consider the playability and the resistance of the platforms. But in general, the more an online casino is visited, the more likely you are to feel safe and fully enjoy your gaming experience.

Win with online roulette

online casino

There are no miracle recipes to win at roulette. As we explained earlier, it is primarily a game of luck and there are very few if any strategies that can help you prove a winner when playing online roulette.

patience and reason

It is important to be patient and not rush to use all your money from day one. Learn how to feel if you are having a good day by playing free games and testing your profitability. Then, if it’s a good day, set yourself a time limit so you don’t waste your reserves.

Online roulette as entertainment

Roulette is all about luck and it’s best not to put all your hopes of becoming a billionaire on this horse. Make online roulette a hobby, a little guilty pleasure that doesn’t guarantee your winnings, but offers you nice shot of adrenaline to end the day. Other games like poker or table games will give you more fun in terms of earning and playing. You feel in control of something. It’s not just luck that decides your future! Also pay attention to the addictions that cannot be avoided in this type of game!

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