In Maubeuge, 2023 will coincide with major projects, health, culture and schools

After presenting his requests to the institutions a week ago, Arnaud Decagny took the main projects for 2023. A year in which some projects launched during the previous mandate will finally come true.

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Major projects

Symbolic. For his preference for population, Arnaud Decagny chose the Place des Nations. Under a marquee, the mayor of Maubeuge wanted ” assume » the many jobs in the town, and the difficulties experienced by the merchants. ” We are on their side. We are in action. Today, the mayor of Maubeuge believes that this ceremony has made it possible to show the possibilities that the new area will offer, especially for the organization of events. Estimated at 2.4 million euros, the project should be completed in May.

At La Clouterie, development work could be launched by Promocil in early March.  PHOTO ARCHIVES PIERRE ROUANET
At La Clouterie, development work could be launched by Promocil in early March. PHOTO ARCHIVES PIERRE ROUANET – VDNPQR

2023 will also be the year of realization in Maubeuge. Realizations of projects launched at the first command of Arnaud Decagny, and are finally seeing the light of day. The gourmet hall is developing well, 17 out of 20 cells have found takers. The establishment could become operational by the end of the year, or the beginning of 2024. Things will also change on the Clouterie side. As the excavations are nearing completion, development work should be launched by Promocil in March. As a reminder, one hundred housing units will be built, with 700 m2 of offices and 700 m2 of shops. Cost of operation: €3,840,000.

Among other major projects, we note the progress of urban renewal, with the scheduled demolitions of Normandy in the French Provinces, of Faillères and Pompidou in the Presidentes, and of some private blocks in Sous-le-Bois. It should also fall into the Violaine wasteland. The obsolete buildings will be left until June, the ones with relay antennas will come, when they will be moved. 90 accommodations are planned, as well as the natural area. One or two businesses may see the light of day, in addition to a Leclerc drive.


Also on the cards, the creation of a multidisciplinary health center in Sous-le-Bois will soon become a reality. It will be located next to the Sainte-Émilie Park, and will cost €2,824,960. The doctors (so far present in Maubeuge, nurses, speech therapists, interns and podiatrists) have been planned. The start of work is scheduled for the end of the year.


The Théâtre du Manège is preparing for a big riot. For 9.5 million euros, the cultural area will be renovated ” to promote the development of the national scene and diversify the offer of shows “. Work should begin at the end of the first semester.” A Belgian consortium has been notified for the site. Activity will cease in the building at the end of the year, for two years. We will add to this the work carried out in Cantuaines, with the creation of artists’ residences, for 1.5 million.

The Manège building will close in two years, but the shows will take place elsewhere.  PHOTO ARCHIVES SAMI BELLOUMI
The Manège building will close in two years, but the shows will take place elsewhere. SAMI BELLOUMI PHOTO ARCHIVES – VDNPQR


It also moves at the school level. This year, the municipality has programmed the extension of the Léonard-de-Vinci kindergarten in Pont-Allant. Due to the new housing planned here and there in the vicinity, this will be extended to €903,413. Studies will be launched for the new Anne-Frank Claude-Debussy school group, “ where we will pay attention to the environment where the new catering satellite will be attached. Same situation on the side of the Faubourg de Mons school.

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