A playground for 2023

Saint Menoux. A playground for 2023. It was in front of a large audience, and after two years without an oath ceremony, that Sylvie Edelin, first representative, surrounded by councilors, began the ceremony, reading a message from Jean-Guy Chérion, mayor, who is absent for health reasons.

Briefly, he recalled the investments made in the years 2020 and 2021. He reviewed the events of 2022: the continuation of the revision of the PLU, launched in 2020 (next public meeting on March 10, 2023 at 7 pm ); the tribute paid at the cemetery of Master Corporal Louis Décharne by the National Association of Former and Friends of the French Forces of the UN; the organization of the French championship of Shogi (Japanese version of the game of chess); the arrival of new practitioners in the nursing home; getting the second flower in the competition for towns and villages in bloom; the construction of two rental units above the grocery store (a T3 and a T5) which has just been completed.

Projects for 2023

A major project is currently underway: the playground, which will be the main entrance to the school, with the aim of securing and organizing the spaces. The entrance to the school and the crèche will also pass through the car park of the cultural activities center, the development of which is being considered. The end of the work is scheduled for the spring holidays. Estimated cost excluding tax: €184,000; planned subsidy €141,318.

The city’s stadium is to be covered with synthetic turf and the roads and walkways are also on the program.

In terms of tourism and heritage, a treasure hunt developed by the tourist office should see the light of day, old pictures in enamelled lava will be placed in the town. A subscription to the heritage foundation was launched for the renovation of the second painting of the miracles of Saint-Menoux. An application “Stones speak” should soon be set up in the church which will explain the history of this place, with many architectural and symbolic details.

A slide show created by Claire and Maurice Civet, from old photos, which allows comparing Saint-Menoux from yesterday to today.

The Menulphians were honored. The young Marine Dervin, who studied psychology, for his book A flood of emotions .

Ludovic Chapelet is vice-champion of France, and shines in the national final “Auto continuation on land” in Loire-Atlantique, in Guéméné Penfao.

The Segaud family, who have a dovecote located on their property in the village have been restored to the purest tradition.

The women’s and senior men’s teams of the pétanque club with good results.

A gift was given to the two families Bertrand and Dat who open and close the church every day.

Finally, the deputy wholeheartedly thanked the elected officials, staff, heads of associations, partners and residents who work for the common good.

Anne-Eloise Delrieu and Michèle Mayet, municipal councillors, revealed the results of the competition for flowered houses with a slideshow. The winners are: Jacques and Sylvie Aupetit, Henri Barichard, Jean-Claude and Colette Bertholet, Stéphanie Blu, Joël and Emmanuelle Chérion, Jacky and Madeleine Langlois, Aline Le Béhot, Patricia Taillandier, Madeleine Vigneron and the D’Ames business Nature. Thanks to the residents who participated in the beautification of the village and its countryside.

Civil status 2022 : 11 births, 11 deaths and 2 marriages were recorded.

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