Automotive transformation: 12 startups selected for ACF Autotech’s grand prize

The automotive world is in complete transformation, whether it is a question of the electrification of vehicles, their connection to the Internet, the automation of driving or sales circuits, especially in the metaverse, virtual reality , e-commerce and renegotiation of dealer contracts. To encourage the latest innovations, the Automobile Club de France and the Essec Automobile Club have organized the “ACF AutoTech Grand Prix” for automotive startups since 2017.

12 candidates were selected out of 75 candidate startups

For the 2023 edition, the organizers received applications from 75 startups, representing 22 countries. They are half French and half foreign. The jury selected 12 candidates for the final on April 20, 2023.

12 candidates were selected

For the most advanced startups in their development, there is the ACF Grand Prix. It involves six startups. (France paris). The company provides cyber-secure communications solutions, first for aviation and military and now for automotive

EMBODME (France paris). The company has created a tactile surface that allows the detection of movements a few centimeters from the surface. This is a contactless screen. The company started in the music industry with Jean-Michel Jarre and is now interested in the automobile

I4DRIVE (Israel). Without adding a layer of hardware, the company gathers all possible data from the vehicle by optimizing the software to obtain the maximum amount of information on the state of the vehicle and the attitude of the driver. It is a data management platform

NODAR SENSORS (UNITED STATES). The company offers a stereo-camera to produce ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) driver assistance solutions with impressive depth-of-vision performance

ROAD. JOURNEY (UK). It is an “adaptive route planner” that determines customized routes that combine efficiency and tourism by taking into account various factors such as user habits, budget and driver profile.

SICEF (France paris). SICEF wants to rehabilitate abandoned railways to bring to life the Ferromobile, Micheline’s spiritual descendant, in a modular, low-carbon, and low-cost version.

Cara7 provides a bridge between the real world and the metaverse

Six early-stage startups in the metaverse, 3D printing or electrification management

For younger startups in early development – ​​Seed, there is the ACF Pioneer Award. It involves six startups.

CARA7 (France paris). This solution allows a bridge between the metaverse and the car dealership. Cara7 aims to use the metaverse to boost dealership sales

Making the Line (France, Strasbourg). The startup offers high-performance additive manufacturing that enables manufacturing speeds 10 to 100 times faster than existing methods and therefore cheaper for large objects.

NELSON (France paris). It is a solution for the preparation, organization and easy management of the electrification of a vehicle fleet.

R3CHARGE (France). The company offers a combination of booking between the hotel room and the charging station, the travel application of the user of an electric vehicle

WERENODE (France) This is a “software centric” solution for sharing charging stations

YUBIK (France, Cesson-Sévigné). The startup offers optimization software to make the use of connected systems less energy-intensive, among others for the vehicle.

The Werenode mobile app encourages the sharing of electric charging stations

Since its inception in 2017, the ACF AutoTech Grand Prix has shown advancements such as mob energy (robotic electric vehicle charging), HEEX Technologies (Smart Data for artificial intelligence), Eifhytec (hydrogen in the service of energy transfer), ProovStation (automated vehicle inspection station) or Qovoltis (smart car charging station). That is why the competition has supported the development of new products such as the digital inventory portal, the charging robot, the acquisition of lithium or intelligent charging stations.

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