In Nantes An advertising campaign to denounce SUVs, the cars are considered “climaticides”

In the center of Nantes, environmental activists have replaced advertising posters extolling the merits of a luxury brand or a phone with others with a more fervent tone. Purpose: to denounce advertisements for individual cars and especially the most polluting of them, SUVs.

The place may be busy, but it’s raining heavily and pedestrians, with their heads down under their umbrellas, may not have noticed the changing ads on the signs lining their route.

It must be said that these posters* look like the real thing… except that the message is very different from the usual slogans.

“Toyota Land crusher, crush life” proclaims one of them above an SUV registered CO2 XXL!

“Advertising for the end of humanity” is written on another poster where we see an SUV in a setting inspired by the paintings of the Dutch painter Jérôme Bosch.

The Non-Violent Frog Intervention Group (GIGNV), a citizen group fighting for social and climate justice, joined forces with Resistance Aggression Advertising to carry out this action and respond to the call of a European anti-advertising coalition , developed by Subvertisers International collectivesBrandalism and Extinction Rebellion. Thus, similar hijackings have targeted more than 400 advertising devices across Europe, according to a press release from GIGNV.

Together they campaign for “the ban on advertising for climate-killing goods and services”. After denouncing advertisements for airlines, and the promotion of cheap travel, this time they are targeting the individual car.

“Our perception of the car must change, and for that we must ban advertisements for individual vehicles. If we want a fairer and more sane society, we must decolonize our imaginations and stop promoting of the car as a symbol of freedom, speed and masculinity” showing Sarah Denisse Resistance Advertising Aggression,

“Advertising is turning necessity into desire, and we want to stop that”

The action this Saturday morning is not only intended to alert the population to the dangers these vehicles pose to climate change. This is mainly a way of challenging politicians so that they can legislate.

“We’re asking for Evin legislation on this topic. Tobacco and alcohol ads are banned for public health reasons…and indeed for environmental health reasons, we want these ads gone” Sarah Denisse emphasized again

Wearing his tricolor scarf, Andy Kerbrat, deputy of France Insoumise and NUPES, came to support the action of the militants.

“My duty is to hear and report these arguments and these actions on the ground to the National Assembly. They join the fight we are leading explained the MP. The government sells us guts but SUVs, whether thermal or electric, have a damaging effect on the planet. In 50 years, the car fleet has grown, with cars gaining 500 kg and weighing more than a ton, it is also a burden for the environment because it requires more materials to manufacture them, more plenty of oil to roll”.

The NUPES group elected to the National Assembly supports the proposed Evin Law applied to individual vehicles, from 2020. It should also be included in the number of legislative proposals in the next suitable environment, in April, the members of NUPES will not fail to vote for it.

* Posters created by artists Michelle Tylicki, Lindsay Grime and Merny Wernz for the parody “models from manufacturers Toyota and BMW. Sorted by Influence Map organization[3] among the top 20 companies most involved in anti-climate policy lobbying” refers to the GIGNV press release.

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