Meaux: At the Chenonceau Media Library, books translated into Braille are available to everyone!

Access to reading for all, discovering the Braille collection. MAY the Chenonceau media library in Meauxthe brand new Braille funds was announced on Wednesday January 4, 2023, a symbolic date, World Braille Day. in all, twenty books is installed in the language department. ” For us, it is a language, a way of expression. “Youth, game books and even cooking recipes… The first books translated into Braille were aimed at partially sighted and blind people and their families.

They are both in the standard alphabet, translated into Braille and tactile description. »

under the study of several years, the Chenonceau Media Library’s Braille collection was developed over months. In collusion with the organization Dream Fingers (located at Talant, near Dijon), about twenty works were translated. ” The idea is to develop a fund accessible to visually impaired people which at present we shall not touch upon. The idea is to meet their needs, so they can access related literature. Each book is manually produced by the association. ” It is a true work of artist and craftsman. » A book translated into Braille costs an average of 50 euros.

What do books translated into Braille look like? For a book that is purely Braille, not bilingual, there are no illustrations. We are on a blank page with dots that symbolize the letters of the alphabet, a system of six dots. Each letter takes up space, these are huge books. In the media library, children’s books are important. Translated into Braille, the story is also readable for sighted people. Purpose ? Allow families to meet around literature. ” For the little ones, the parents do the talking. How to tell a book to your child when you have a visual impairment, if you do not have the possibility to discover the story through touch and Braille. Thanks to the various reliefs, the structures are accessible to everyone.

How can I borrow a book from the Braille collection? Do you want to read quietly at home? Ask for your card at reception to borrow one of the books. ” Media libraries come in network (R) with the libraries of the Urban Community of the Pays de Meaux. Books can be requested from the Braille collection at Crégy-lès-MeauxSaint-Soupplets and Penchard. » Just go to your librarian, a book can be borrowed for four weeks, renewed once. ” We are here to discover them, to lend them. If a family wants to get it, we can direct them to the association or the editors. » Do you want to discover a specific book or read a classic of French literature in Braille? Leave your suggestions at the reception. ” The idea is to adapt as needed, grow this fund by meeting the need. We are open to acquisition suggestions. Want to read a thriller or romance? Make your voice heard!

Making life easier for people with disabilities is a priority. In publishing, translation of the books into Braille is in progress. ” We librarians, we depend on what exists in the edition, it is not simple. The jump is also at the level of publishers. “In Chenonceau media library, awareness workshops in reading braille is studied. ” The mission is global, we must address everyone, without discriminationit is part of the missions of the Charter of UNESCO and the Charter of Libraries. “Explain Sarah Faivre.

  • Chenonceau media library’s Braille collection remains outstanding. In Seine-et-Marne, alone the Val d’Europe Media Library has a room dedicated to Braille writing with a printer.
  • As a reminder, Louis Braille (inventor of braille) is a Cupressian (Val d’Europe Agglomeration). Standing on Coupvrayhis house is a museum dedicated to the history of braille.

Want to try your hand at reading Braille? Feel free to try the playbooks to develop your senses. ” We realized this in the game books where you have to find the intruder by touching… We realized that this is a feeling that we don’t stimulate very much. Books in the Braille collection are now available to everyone at the Chenonceau Media Library in Meaux (Espace Caravelle).

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