the Court of Auditors warned about the security system

Terrorist threat, movement of people…” All scenarios are being studied“, assures the Ministry of the Interior. Security will be a key issue at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In its latest report, presented to the Senate on Wednesday, the Court of Auditors issued “Vigilant point» regarding the specific security system of the Olympic Games. And in particular that has to be deployed around the opening ceremony which, for the first time in the history of the Games, will not be held in a stadium but on the banks of the Seine, where 600,000 spectators are expected.

The Court of Auditors defined a “capacity risk»and deemed prudent by «plan adaptation scenarios“to expect a”possible shortageof private security. “There is a deficiency“, confirmed Cédric Paulin, secretary general of the Grouping of security companies (GES). The international security law of May 2021 strengthened the conditions for access to these professions. Holding a residence permit without less than five years removed from the sector 15 to 20% of its human resources, according to Cédric Paulin.

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Although there is a shortage of 20,000 private security agents now according to the GES, Paris 2024 wants to fill 22,000 positions to ensure Olympics security. “There is no question of stripping the Galeries Lafayette to dress the Stade de France“Warns Stéphane Volant, president of the Club of Corporate Security Directors (CDSE), which represents 70% of the turnover of private security companies. “During the Games, there will be an influx of tourists. Some very busy areas should not lack security personnel as the latter would have been sent to the Olympic venues.“The solution?”Hire more by promoting a profession that has changed a lot. Compensation has increased by 7.5% since January 1.»

The organizers of the Olympics are at their expense. The envelope dedicated to security – increased from 200 to 295 million euros in the first revision of the budget – reached 320 million euros in December “to consider, in particular, branch agreements in the sector“, explained Fabrice Lacroix, financial director of Paris 2024. “We have made calls for tenders that take into account the recommendations and expectations of the sector, especially by building the maximum lots to allow companies to apply.The first awards are expected to be released by the end of the month.

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By 2024, summer jobs in security…

We will not have 30,000 additional private security guards by 2024insisted Stéphane Volant.We must find other breeding grounds. The Court of Auditors recommends the use of police and gendarmerie reservists, but also police trainees in training and possibly the armed forces. A reflection is also carried out to recruit students, by supervising their training and giving them a professional training trainee allowance.

To facilitate vocations with a view to the Rugby World Cup and Olympics, the Ministry of the Interior has set up training “lighten upin three weeks (106 hours). “It is not a degraded formation but adapted to certain needs“says Cédric Paulin: filtration, access control, palpation. From tomorrow, it can be provided in training centers.

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In the Ministry of the Interior, the monument, “it is the general mobilization. From the base to the top“. It was made by Gérald Darmanin “one of his top priorities“, we assure at Place Beauvau: “Since September, the Minister has chaired eleven meetings on the subject. “He also made the prefects floor on a zero crime plan to ensure security in fan zones, tourist places, transport. The first version was presented last week to the minister, who asked the prefects to “enlarge their copy“. In addition to the 10,000 police and gendarme posts created during the previous five-year term, 8,500 others are provided for in the orientation law passed three months ago. To enter the match from September with the Rugby World Cup.

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