10 tips to pay less for your train journey

Is the train your daily transport? Do you need to take this transportation occasionally for professional or personal reasons? You can open the search for good deals to pay less for a ride on this machine. By continuing to read this article, you can save time in your research by considering the 10 tips that we have presented ourselves pay less for your train travel.

Use discount cards

The The SNCF network offers discount cards. These are great ways to pay less for your train travel. Instead, they are recommended for regular users of the French rail system.

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There are many discount cards and each one is tailored to a profile. We recognize:

  • The Freedom card;
  • The Youth Advantage card;
  • The Adult Advantage card;
  • The Max Young card;
  • The Max Active card.

You can buy these discount cards on the SNCF website.

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Book a train in advance

The book your trip in advance is possible if you know your departure date. In fact, the tariff levels increase as the train fills up. The last places are more expensive than the first, so it is recommended to buy your train ticket in advance.

Be aware that classic train tickets go on sale approximately three months before departure. They are commonly called ”the first”; with OUIGOs, they are available 9 months prior to departure date. Then you deserve not to pay more for your train ticket.

Use OUIGO the cheap train

The SNCF network has a cheap high-speed train (TGV): it is called YES. In blue and pink colors, it allows you to benefit from attractive rates. Serving 41 destinations, OUIGO offers a discount of up to 30% off the normal price and some rides cost only 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children for children under 12 years old.

The only obstacle here cheap train is barless vehicle. Also, there is only one class of travel. In addition, the space provided for luggage is very limited, and you will only be allowed one suitcase. However, the speed of OUIGO is the same as that of a conventional train.

Redeem used tickets

As with anything bought second-hand, train tickets obtained by this circuit are relatively cheaper. Usually, individuals who buy non-refundable tickets and cannot complete their journey decide to resell them on special sites.

Sites like The beautiful corner, Trade trains, Kelbillet, ector offer them used train tickets at a lower cost. For the purchase, you must remember to check that the tickets are not nominative or already in use. These two criteria invalidate the ticket.

Compare train ticket prices

This is one of the best and safest ways to find cheap train tickets. On the internet, you can find various train ticket offers. By browsing the various offers, you can make a comparison to choose the best train ticket at the best price. This is a method that will take a lot of time, but it will save you a lot of money.

Be flexible with your travel dates

Having great flexibility in departure dates allows you to get a good price for train tickets. SNCF offers a Calendar feature that offers a list of train ticket prices for a month. With this feature, you can decide which return fare is best for you.

The annual holiday season is very conducive to traveling cheaper by train. The annual leave ticket is dedicated to company employees or people in a professional category. The discount can be up to 50% of the normal price. This is a ticket that is sold only once a year.

Choose an off-peak trip

If possible, choose that travel by train during off-peak periods, meaning the times when there is no abundance. Opt for a train trip between two vacation periods to buy a cheaper ticket. In addition to the economic advantage, you benefit from the calm, because there are not many people.

Take advantage of promotional periods

SNCF makes promotional offers sometimes These attractive deals can get you a cheap ticket for your next trip. It is mainly about Black-Fridaythey good times for Intercités trains or even OUIGO flash sales. Watch out for these promotions to get your ticket at the lowest possible price.

Wait for last minute offers

It can be dangerous to wait until the last moment to book your train journey. Your main risk of missing your train depends on your destination, the date and time of your train’s departure. Last minute offers are only available online. And they are very economical.

Avoid traveling during school holidays

Traveling by train outside of school holidays is one way to benefit from reductions in journeys. Not having children is an advantage you should take advantage of to save money on your train journey. You’ll also avoid the crowds of holidaymakers who join trains during school holidays.

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