Good books to start the year

If you have made it your goal to offer the best version of yourself this new year is about to begin, these books will surely please you.

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Who says new year often says new me! These book titles are all available on the platform of will definitely motivate you to change some habits in the first weeks of 2023.

Students, employees, retirees: You’re richer than you think! In a society where one purchase does not wait for another, living BELOW wealth is an art.

Consume less and better: this is the option that Vicky Payeur puts forward to change your budget and (finally) save. Thanks to his tips, use saving as a way of life, without depriving yourself or feeling bullied. A world of possibilities awaits you!

In fact, having savings and few expenses makes you more free: take a week of unpaid vacation, reduce the number of hours worked per week, quit an unsuitable job, take early retirement. .. So, what do you choose? Your future is in your hands!

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What is AKTIV 365? A powerful tool to help you reach your health goals, while having fun! Do you want to change your lifestyle and don’t know where to start? This diary has been created to accompany you in your process and presents tips that will make your journey easier.

AKTIV 365 will be your guide, your checklist, your guideline to activate change! The goal is not to achieve perfection, but to find YOUR balance.

The first part suggests an introspection, to check where you are to set goals throughout the coming year. Then, the agenda is divided into 13 blocks of 4 weeks each, for a total of 52 weeks. AKTIV 365 will be your best health ally!

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Ah, the search for balance! Breathless, we seek a thousand and one ways to find this state of grace… But do we really get there? Instead of wanting to eliminate the imbalances in everyday life, why not prepare yourself to accept them more calmly?

Whether it’s to find meaning in one’s work, examine priorities or reconnect with oneself, the authors explore different ways meditation can lead to well-being and acceptance. the “good distraction” of a busy life. Testimonies and expert advice, as concrete as kindness, stimulate this invitation to introspection.

In a society where everything is trendy, fleeting and fleeting, here is an opportunity to take time to reconnect with what is important and open up to the possibilities that life throws at us. In this constant motion, imbalance allows us to move forward, one step at a time.

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When you are addicted, you don’t use it to feel good, but to stop feeling bad. This is the premise on which Patrick Bordeaux and George F. Koob based themselves to explain addiction – a chronic brain disease with biological roots. , psychological and social.

Based on the latest scientific, clinical and epidemiological data, they provide an overview of the cycle of this condition as well as the main addictive substances and behaviors (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, opioids, psychostimulants, gambling, video games online, Internet) , then present possible treatments and prevention methods.

Through simple and playful illustrations, this book aims to be a message of hope for patients and their families as well as a source of inspiration for staff involved in treating victims, who suffer from a real pain and not from moral weakness.

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Sexual fulfillment, reclaiming your full sexual power, liberating your femininity and your sexuality, does that speak to you?

After noticing the glaring lack of sex education, the many gaps about what healthy sexuality actually is, and the pervasive feeling experienced by many women of feeling abnormal, misunderstood or even broken, Anne decided- Marie Ménard to change the game!

He wants to allow women (people of possession) to free themselves from guilt in the face of sexuality, free themselves from shame in the face of intimacy and, above all, let themselves experience pleasure ! Rediscover your sex life in a new light.

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When was the last time you changed your mind? It won’t work! Too complicated! We are always like that! As we thrive in a world that is constantly moving, as we spend our time replacing our material goods with better ones, why do we often stay in our positions?

It is that we find refuge in the comfort of our beliefs, we surround ourselves with people who share our ideas and escape contradiction at all costs. For Adam Grant, this was a serious mistake.

Using many examples and drawing on the latest advances in cognitive science, he shows that the ability to renew our thinking is key to achieving both excellence and wisdom. We all have the ability to learn how to challenge our beliefs, test our ideas, support contradiction and cultivate the benefit of the doubt.

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Change your perspective on your hypersensitivity and take back power in your life! How can you not feel and believe yourself to be “abnormal” when everyone around you seems different from you? When the world sometimes seems insensitive to you?

A coach specializing in supporting people with high potential, hypersensitivity and ADHD, Margaux Vincent provides concrete answers to live in peace and reconnect with others.

Recognize the savior syndrome, toxic relationships, stop overthinking… Thanks to simple tests and exercises, you will learn to name and understand your difference, to stop suffering in your relationships and find emotional balance.

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Do you ever get lost when you speak out loud? How to express your ideas and share your feelings while knowing how to accept the ideas of others? How to live peaceful relationships by formulating clear demands, by setting your limits, by simply asserting yourself?

Speech is an important tool for, among other things, explaining, gathering, proposing, seducing, comforting, communicating and loving. However, communicating easily is a talent that can be developed. Arnaud Riou addresses here all aspects of a fruitful exchange: the art of public speaking, non-verbal language, the choice of words, breathing, articulation and intonation.

Thanks to his teachings, his exercises and his anecdotes, you will learn to express your thoughts and your feelings in an authentic way, and finally experience the amazing power of speech.

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Find out what the day you were born on reveals about your personality. What does the future hold for me? What defines me? Who am I most compatible with? Just look at the day you were born to find the insightful reading of the stars by renowned astrologer Shelley von Strunckel.

A wealth of information about your personality traits, your relationships with others and your gifts, The Birthday Book will delight you, your friends and family for years and years.

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With the humor and insight for which he is known, Kevin Tran draws on his personal experience and the situations he himself has been through over the past 10 years to help everyone manage their lives: find ideas, – motivated to do it. , reduce doubt and stop fear, finish what you start, keep going… are some of the great lessons he imparts to his readers – without fail self-mockery.

A journey in 20 stages for all those who, from 15 to 85 years old, want to realize themselves, with chapters as many as instructions for use.

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