Hollywood has struggled to adapt to video games, but that’s about to change

There are many connections between cinema and literature. The seventh art with stories based on comics continues to be enriched. Beyond the artistic value of the work, these are stories that can be adapted to other formats. In this constant search for narratives, one of the most recent sources of cinema is video games, with franchises such as The last of us building strong expectations for 2023 with it a series adaptation for HBO.

In recent years, the growth of the industry has Game was one of the factors that led to an interest in cinema. In 2022 alone, this sector recorded revenues of over $200 billion. This boom has gone hand in hand with technological evolution and a change in mentality towards this entertainment option. Not so long ago, video games were considered controversial – even harmful – in global society.

Today, they are increasingly accepted and recognized. They are a valid option for fun and professional development. Along with this paradigm shift, the possibility of representing the universe of stories on the big screen also opened up. However, video games in the cinema involve various complications and the results leave more doubts than certainties. This situation is influenced by several important aspects.

Unique narrative spaces

Audiences usually have an idea of ​​what they will see when they enter a movie theater. Either through the trailer, reading the synopsis, or even a review. Some are conscious about it, others are more lighthearted. Regardless of their level of commitment, the two audiences share a common experience: they participate in a collective action for a specific time.

This encounter is influenced by the whole “cinematic experience”. From choosing a movie, to buying candy, to diving into a dark room to laugh, cry or be moved by strangers. on the other side, Video games remain an individual activity. Even if it is possible to play multiplayer, it is usually in personal spaces, without having an immediate and clear reference of what might happen to who is on the other side of the screen, especially when we play online.

The Last Of Us Part 1

The relationship to format and space influences the understanding of the story. While a movie is consumed all at once, a video game can be approached bit by bit. Something that makes cinema video games hard to appreciate. A movie has a collective factor as its value, whereas consoles are more personal. In one case, the viewer is a passive subject; on the other hand, he is an active user.

Video games in cinema and television:
A challenge

While it may seem obvious, when reviewing video game adaptations for film or television, it’s easy to forget that they are different narrative formats. From this point of view, the representation produced can – and perhaps must – be faithful to the source that inspired it. But this does not mean that it should be an exact copy because, due to its characteristics, it is not possible.

While video games are inherently interactive, the experience of adapting, as a passive observer, is different. On a console, the relationship can become a physical experience. This is the case with the Nintendo Wii, launched in 2006. The user can not only play with Roger Federer – to mention one of thousands of possible examples -. He can also, because of the characteristics of this console, play like a Swiss.

Cinematic video games: Resident EvilCinematic video games: Resident Evil

It’s relevant because it changes your relationship with the game, builds it, feeds it, shapes it. Playing is not the same Resident Evil and be surprised by an unexpected threat as the controller vibrates and you risk losing your life, rather than watching it from afar. And video games in theaters are often poorly done.

On January 15, the film will hit the screens. The last of us. Although the year has just begun, it is already considered one of the most anticipated series of 2023. It is influenced by the tradition of video games – one of the most important franchises in the sector. player– and the production company in charge of the project, HBO. If we consider that the allocated budget is higher than some period of Game Of ThronesIt’s not hard to imagine that the company knows the challenge it faces: responding to a captive and critical audience.

Expectations with The last of us there God of war

This is fandom where messages like this are addressed from Neil Druckmann, the programmer of The last of us: “This will be the best and most authentic adaptation of a game.”. Even this comment should be taken with a pinch of salt.

This is also the case of Craig Mazin, the other creative spirit of the series: “It’s not the highest bar in the world,” he told AFP. The new Torker. Mazin is not wrong: recreations of video games in movie or television format do not have a positive balance.

God of War // Video game adaptations for film and television.God of War // Video game adaptations for film and television.

In the world of video games in film, television and cinema. streaming, another franchise that is starting to make noise is God of war. Count The last of usis a story with a long and good reputation in the universe. player.

Since 2005, when Sony launched it, until now, its growth has been constant: God of War: Ragnarok was a big winner at The Game Awards and more than one reviewer is calling it the best of 2022.

Sign up for HBO Max and you will have access to the best excluded series and movies excluded in the world as Thread, The Sopranos oh Game Of Thrones. Includes the entire Warner catalog, Cartoon Network classics and major releases.

With the prestige on their shoulders, Amazon Prime Video is working on the adaptation. live action from video games to cinema. There is not much information about it yet. Both websites The last of us as God of war have a narrative basis that can – and should – be key to developing stories. This is their strength, not their spectacle or their image quality. If they were able to reach the streaming or the big screen involved, the reputation of these experiences may gradually change over the coming years.

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