Marvel Snap: How Collector Tiers Work to Get Cards

you play amazing snap and you don’t quite understand how “collection level” works? Don’t panic, we will explain everything to you.

You know all the good we can think of amazing snap. We have already given you some advice to start under the best auspices. But this time, we will go back in detail to one of the important elements of the game, because it allows you to receive new cards: the collection level.

The Collectible Level in Marvel Snap

The collection level allows you to receive new cards: the more you progress there, the more cards you will receive. To move up the levels, you need to improve the quality of the cards you already have.

This progress depends on the buff applied (and therefore the number of credits and boosters spent), as shown in the following table:

Card quality Development at the Collection Level
Superior +1
Rarely +2
Epic +4
Legendary +6
Ultra +8
Infinity +10

So if you upgrade one of your cards to its maximum, you will progress 31 levels of the collection.

Beyond new cards, we also get other rewards (credits, gold, etc.). How often ? In what order? We will explain everything to you.

The rewards

First of all, you need to understand that the rewards depend on your collection level. When you start playing, the game gives you a new card once you progress two levels. Obviously this is the reward we want. After level 14, you have to progress through four levels to get a card. Etc…

Beyond level 500, the operation diverges again. You don’t necessarily get a new card, but open Collector’s Chests (every eight to twelve levels). And their content is varied, with different possibilities of receiving this or that reward. We summarize everything in the following table:

Awards Probability
pool card 3 47.25%
pool card 4 2.5%
pool card 5 0.25%
200 credits 10%
350 credits 5%
150 gold 10%
100 Collector Tokens 25%

Fortunately, the developers are friendly, and offer some guarantees (to avoid throwing your phone out the window after opening your 1st chest without receiving a single card):

  • in the worst case, you can open 6 chests in a row without getting a new card;
  • you are guaranteed to get one pool 4 card for every 40 open chests (so there is a maximum of 79 open chests between two pool 4 cards).

And because, surely, all that is too simple (it’s not), this behavior changes again from level 1000. You must now progress twelve levels to open a collector’s reserve. It’s almost like a Collector’s Chest, but with different rewards:

Awards Probability
pool card 3 22.25%
pool card 4 2.5%
pool card 5 0.25%
300 credits 10%
400 credits 5%
200 gold 10%
100 Collector Tokens 25%
Map variant 10%
Avatar 7.5%
Title 7.5%

Small additional subtlety: if your collection of cards from pool 3 is complete, you will only receive between 200 and 600 collector tokens.

And, here too, you benefit from several guarantees:

  • if your pool 3 card collection is not complete, the collector supplies are grouped into sets of four: a card, a cosmetic (avatar or title), collector tokens, and credits or gold , each batch (but in random order);
  • As with chests, you are guaranteed to get one card from Pool 4 for every 40 open Collector’s Reserves.

Downgrading Cards

Each new season introduces new cards, a total of 4 or 5. Hard to get, therefore. As announced, some cards will be downgraded to a lower pool for the first time on January 31, 2023. In total, four cards will be downgraded from Pool 4 to Pool 3, and five more from Pool 5 to Pool 4.

Therefore, they will be easier to recover, and more importantly this has an impact on the way you spend your collector tokens. Unless you really want pool 4 or 5 cards (which cost 3000 and 6000 tokens respectively), it’s best to use them for pool 3 cards (which cost “only” 1000 tokens).

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