The Cambadélis book, the picture of Damien Rieu… The bowls of the week

The picture of the week

Have you always been told to smile in pictures since your childhood? Remember all the same that there are times when dignity imposes on the contrary not to take out all your teeth. Because of this oblivion, the ecologist deputy of Paris, Éva Sas, the mayors of the 12th arrondissement Emmanuelle Pierre-Marie and the 20th arrondissement Éric Pliez and the first deputy mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Grégoire have to face a real that storm in society. networks. Their fault: that all smiles appeared, this Monday, in a series of photos published on the deputy’s account. All in a moment of reflection for the victims of the terrorist attack that killed 4 people at the Hyper Cacher store in Porte de Vincennes on January 9, 2015, seven years to the day.

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shame », « shamelessness “, … On Twitter, Internet users do not have enough harsh words against them. Faced with controversy, Éva Sas tried to put out the fire two days later with a statement, also posted on Twitter, in which she apologizes for this photo “ not applicable “, which in no way reflects his “ commitment against anti-Semitism, that [la] touch it personally “.

The drowning of the week

Indeed, in France insoumise (LFI), we do not stop crossing when it comes to justifying the arrival of the leader of the movement of Manuel Bompard. By mid-December, the main interested party struggled to explain how he came to power of LFI, without being elected. It was the turn of Mathilde Panot, leader of the rebel representatives, who took the oars on January 10 to the information of France, when it was necessary to explain to Salhia Brakhlia and Marc Fauvelle how Manuel Bompard could have been appointed “ unanimous no vote “.

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At the meeting, it was unanimoushe explained. If a person is not united (sic) already said. (…) No one disagreed. (…) There is a point on the agenda, called “who will lead the coordination of spaces” and unites the members, it is Manuel Bompard. » « shall we nod? “, asked Marc Fauvelle ironically, intrigued by this way of voting, before Salhia Brakhlia remembered the unfortunate remark of Manuel Bompard in the vote “ which is not the alpha and omega of democracy “. ” Voting is sometimes a way to decide things, sometimes you don’t need it “, dipped the representative of Val-de-Marne before highlighting the” consensus “, is not really on the agenda, however, in a movement shaken by criticism from caciques like Clémentine Autain or François Ruffin who say they have been dismissed. No, because they are now part of “ group office “, responded Mathilde Panot before highlighting the handling of a ” seminars which was held the previous day and the conclusions of which it will remain elusive.

Vote of the week

Back to the Stone Age, Tuesday January 10 at the Assembly. It’s a little after 6:30 pm when representatives vote on the renewable energies law. But, surprise! Yaël Braun-Pivet said that, according to the Assembly’s computer system, only 315 elected officials – of the 577 that make up the lower house – took part in the ballot. ” I have a result that should not match the number of people in front of mecommented the President of the Assembly, embarrassed, facing a hemicycle full of crack and very reassembled. So we will start the vote again. »

Rebelote, the account is not there. “ There, I have a vote in front of my eyes which is: voters 379, cast 359, majority 177, for 198, against 154, so this is the second vote I have “, he declared under the shouts of a flock of deputies who could not vote. ” I, what I suggest to you in all simplicity and in all clarity, is that we resume voting operations immediately. Failed again. Session suspension, new vote and… still nothing. The President of the Assembly left in a burst of laughter (nervously) and held his head in his hands. Before going to the evidence: it is necessary to proceed through the bulletin. Voting will take place in a lounge adjacent to the meeting room.

Except the organization is chaotic. Not only did 577 newsletters need to be edited quickly – which, we understand, takes quite a bit of time – but they are nominative! Ushers distributed them one by one to representatives among an unprecedented and filmed crowd. In the end, the results came in at 9:30 pm, three hours after the first vote in the hemicycle. The law was adopted by 286 votes against 238. Provided there is no power outage during the debates on pensions!

The fool’s game of the week

Myth against myth? By relaying anything and everything on social networks, there is always a risk that one day you will be stuck in a very wide area. This is what happened to Damien Rieu, a member of Reconquête!, Éric Zemmour’s movement. The far-right activist, co-founder of Génération Identitaire, has made a specialty of sharing photos on his Twitter account of supposedly worshiping Muslims on their knees praying towards Mecca in public places, such as the hall from in the Parisian station of Saint-Lazare For example. A journalist named Cory Le Guen wanted to prove that these photos were fake: so he took himself from behind praying in a room in the Paris Courthouse, a photo that Damien Rieu immediately shared on his Twitter account. The journalist explains his approach in a video titled ” How I imprisoned Damien Rieu “.

Except that… Except that Cory Le Guen is not really known by the media landerneau: he was convicted in the past for pretending to be the niece of Brigitte Macron, wife of the president, a scam for which he received a year in prison. At the end of the revelation of the set up against Damien Rieu, questions also began to develop on Twitter about the ethics of the method consisting in trapping a political activist to show the inanity of his opinions… And they are some to testify to being victims of Cory Le Guen’s more than dubious practices.

Journalist for Luxembourg who speaks French every day The important thingThomas Holzer said on Twitter how in 2019, his editorial staff contacted a certain James Alstin, journalist at “TMZ Europe” to confirm the information: the actress Charlize Theron will be in a relationship with a Franco- Luxembourger, named Cory Le Guen ,” the battalion does not know, but after investigation will be a dandy who navigates between Lisbon and Paris “. Checks were made, it turns out there is no TMZ Europe office, by James Alstin. Contacted by Holzer, Cory Le Guen claims he was the victim of identity theft by someone who wanted to hurt him. ” Inventing a love story with Charlize Theron? asked the journalist, not without irony. Of course, this is all a fraudulent attempt to trick us into giving the clever Cory a free buzz. In any case, the operation is useful for the former false niece of Brigitte Macron, who was invited to the set of TPMP this January 11 to defend himself by returning specifically to the case in which he was convicted.

The flop of the week (and even the year)

This is information that may have gone unnoticed, if not for the vigilance of social networks. As revealed The Express on December 31st in his list of the best-selling books of the year 2022, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis only sold… two copies of his book The Social Democratic Big Bang published November 11 by VA Editions. Excellent counter-performance for the former first secretary of the Socialist Party, also author of a dozen books on subjects as diverse as Bonapartism, the third left or Europe.

This act inspired a joke on a Twitter account by the name “Vilain syndicaliste” to “ratio” the elected socialist – meaning when a response gets more “Likes” than the source message. So he created a one-euro e-book titled “Ratio Cambadélis” and sold… five copies, more than double the sales of the politician’s book.

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