Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

Game News Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

Since the leaks were published in September, communication around Grand Theft Auto VI has returned to its old radio silence. The chance for us players to project ourselves and imagine what this highly anticipated new adventure might hold. Of all the possible hypotheses, what if Rockstar was inspired by one of these great old games that have been somewhat forgotten over the years?

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  • Why didn’t this inspire GTA 5 then?!
  • One of the best PS3/Xbox 360 shooters

Why didn’t this inspire GTA 5 then?!

In the years 2000-2010, before the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games was a prolific studio with a new game every one or two years. Grand Theft Auto IV, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Bully… we have a lot to do. With all this knowledge, the developers were able to devote themselves to making GTA 5 so that they became the mastodon we know today, with more than 170 million copies. sold worldwide. In this opus, the Rockstar Games teams pushed all standards to the limit to provide the most complete possible experience we know today. Los Santos is more alive than ever, driving is easier than GTA 4, there are so many activities to do… In short, essential elements to make the open-world as pleasant as possible. Despite all the features of GTA 5 praised by critics, there is still one point where many players react: the shooting system.

Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

Ever since the saga went 3D in Grand Theft Auto III, shooting has become an increasingly important part of GTA. Moreover, it has drawn a series of controversies, with the possibility of firing on anyone passing by on the street. If at first we only had the right to an automatic sight locked on a target, things quickly changed to allow shooting freely, fortunately. however, in GTA 5, the goal and this method remain quite standard, without any particular feeling for the playerwhile a few years before, Rockstar Games developed one of the best TPS of the Xbox 360 / PS3 generation: Max Payne 3.

One of the best PS3/Xbox 360 shooters

Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

If the first two episodes were originally developed by Remedy, Max Payne 3 is a project created by Rockstar Games, with Dan Houser, founder of the studio, on the script. In the months leading up to the release of the game, all communication was focused on the mechanics of the game, on the gameplay, but also on how to shoot and how bullets move in space. Result, controller in hand, the action phases are simply exhilarating for several reasons. First of all, it goes through bullet time, the signature mechanic of the Max Payne saga, which allows you to slow down time to better align your opponents with sights. By triggering this effect, Max Payne can even launch himself into the air to make it harder for his enemies to hit him. All of this combined makes the action particularly dynamic and the battles enjoyable, which is obviously an important element for a TPS.

Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

Given the flexibility and responsiveness of Max Payne 3, it’s surprising that we can’t find these elements in GTA 5. In the end, we are entitled to more difficult characters to direct, less manageable or less likely to roll, for example. The same is true of the shuffle moves, which are an effective way to defeat an enemy. Finally, one of the rare points of similarity that we can see between the two games is the bullet time with Michael’s character that we can trigger by aiming. To explain these differences between the two games, one can imagine that the teams in charge of developing these projects did not work together to create GTA 5, at least, at this particular point.

Why GTA 6 really needs to take inspiration from this old Rockstar Games game

For all these reasons, We want Grand Theft Auto VI to capture what Max Payne 3 has in terms of beauty and excellence. It requires more flexible controls and better shooting sensations because Rockstar can do what they have developed in the past. If GTA 5 presented spectacular missions, we hope that its successors will take advantage of this kind of more dynamic gunfire to make these sequences more pleasant to play with the controller in hand . Especially since it is an in-house know-how resulting from the collaboration between many branches of the company such as Rockstar Vancouver, London, Toronto, New England, San Diego, Leeds and especially Rockstar North which is a small company’s founding studio. And since it is clear that all Rockstar teams are currently focused on the development of GTA 6, then there is hope.

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