Books: With “Peter Thumper”, the loudest of the silent westerns

Henri Meunier was born in 1972, in Suresnes, he studied visual arts at university before working for almost six years as a social worker. He published his first book in 2001 in editions of Rouergue, with Anouk Ricard. He writes for the greatest illustrators (Nathalie Choux, Benjamin Chaud…) and also illustrates his own books in many graphic forms. He lives in Toulouse. latest album “Peter Thumper” in Nathan’s editions.

Sixty albums in twenty years! Published in editions of Rouergue, Albin MichaelThe Threshold, South act, Milano, Father Beaver Flammarion, Notary, Thierry Magnier, The fish factory, Grasset, Gautier Langueau, Delcourt and now: Nathan Comic in a collection that, although quiet, never fails to get people talking about it!

A collection that imposes itself… quietly!

In fact, the collection Mini-Bubbles with the particularity of offering comics without text, for ages 3 and up“Young children enter books through images. With incredible attention and concentration, they “read” them while we stay focused on the text”it is pointed at Nathan.

“Without text, everyone is free to tell their story according to his will. Nothing is written, but the child speaks (to himself)…” This is the bet, the challenge, that must be made by the authors of this collection that really seduces the little ones! Without the support of the text, the images must really carry all the stages of the story.

A real one “pictogram fair” !

Cover by Peter Thumper

And it is not the least of these authors’ talents to embark on an adventure, as did another Toulouse native (Edouard Manceau together It’s in the box, read the article we dedicated to him below). With his own style, Henri Meunier launches, with a very loud album! Birdsongs, cries, gunshots, chirps, horns… never has a quiet task been so loud!

In this story, the fearless Peter Thumper come to trouble! Cowboys, Indians, bison, cacti, no one can compete with the most daredevil of heroes! A western comic strip was performed with a beating drumbeat which humorously mixes reality and imagination in a mischievous mise-en-abîme,

All the legends of the west, but also…

An adventure full of twists and turns which introduces the youngest in the great tradition of the west. with cacti, vultures, Indians, cavalry, outlaws, industriousness, a herd of bison and a damsel in distress, there is no doubt that we are in the Far West! But beware, if he won’t talk, Peter Thumper has more than one trick up his sleeve and an unexpected accomplice will help him…

By properly using the traditional art of comics Franco-Belgian: the pictogramsHenri Meunier does fill these comic boxes with noise mute on principle. Some are great classics (depicting insults, for example) others were invented for the occasion, like these horns that symbolize the roaring of a herd of bison… Deafening!

Perfectly successful bet for the authoras for the publishing house whose collection forms a capstone to a building more dedicated to sharing knowledge and enjoyment of reading. The Nathan’s editions teach: “Through the comics we have chosen here to deliver our nuggets and the reading experience by bouncing across our fields of reference early childhood, children’s literature and documentaries.”

Turn a few pages with a small child and you won’t notice that he has touched and cherished every box of this thrilling adventure!

Philippe MORET

Books / Comics: Mini-Bulles, to “read alone, before knowing how to read…”

nathan comics in Angouleme:

Nathan Comics start the year 2023 strongwith four new releases in January to discover and find in the presence of the authors next International Comic Strip Festival (FIBD) of Angoulême, from January 26 to 29 (MB 18 – World of bubbles).

Henri Meunier, will sign friday January 27 1 pm to 3 pm, Saturday January 28 from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm on Sundays January 29 from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 5 pm The author of Peter Thumper will also participate in a creative workshop intended for children ages 7-14 around the Wild West Friday January 27 from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm: The Wild West! A good cowboy should be ready for anything, runexpected encounters and traps of all kinds… “Bandit, banker, coyote, snake, sheep, country singer or psychoanalyst, there’s always someone bent on derailing a fun ride…” he teaches.

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